Stand-alone mixers and fully automatic
mixing systems ensure high dough quality
and perfectly mixed doughs.

  • Spiral mixer
  • Helix mixer
  • Mixing systems

Automatic mixing systems

Automatische Knetsysteme

What makes the
quality of an optimal dough?

Good raw materials are essential for good doughs as the quality of water and flour significantly influences the dough quality. In addition to the raw materials, optimal mixing ensures the best product quality. Each dough has different requirements, soft doughs require a lot of tension and volume, rye doughs have to be mixed gently. Mixing tools matched to the type of dough increase the quality of the dough.





To ensure a strong formation of the gluten network and a dry dough surface, a lot of oxygen has to be added during the mixing process.


Gluten network

An optimally developed gluten network ensures high dough quality and thus also a high baked goods quality.

Water absorption

A short start-up phase allows for quick blending of ingredients. Thus, water is bound before formation of the gluten networks. This ensures a longer freshness and more flavor in the final product.


High dough quality through
sophisticated technology

When it comes to dough quality, there is nobody out there who knows the business better than us. Our systems are second to none, both in traditional dough processing relying on stand-alone universal mixers or single batch equipment, and in industrial dough processing with fully automated mixing systems precisely customized to specific production conditions. Our 3-zone mixing principle always ensures optimally mixed doughs.


Fully automatic mixing systems

WP Kemper mixing systems are customized to the specific product and process requirements of industrial bakeries to ensure optimal integration and networking of all parts in the overall process.


Monitoring systems and higher-level control systems are now almost commonplace in most bakeries. A mixer, which independently controls the mixing process and ends at the optimum time, that is new.


Reduced cleaning effort

By excellent accessibility and hygiene extras such as cleaning brushes and dough catchment trays.


3-zone mixing principle

All WP Kemper spiral mixers (mixing systems and stand-alone mixers) are equipped with our proprietary 3-zone mixing system. This patented process adds more oxygen to the dough, producing soft, easy to process doughs in reproducible quality.


The use of monitoring systems to control all relevant component temperatures and central lubrications for moving components offer maximum reliability and extend the service life of our mixers and mixing systems. Sometimes it happens and a damage occurs. With our Serviceline 24/7 we are always available to initiate and implement the necessary actions as quickly as possible.


Highest dough quality

Because doughs made with our mixers are aerated and easy to process.


Through resilient materials and high manufacturing accuracy.


The right solution for every dough requirement.

Low personnel deployment

The intelligent control of the mixing systems leaves room for the efficient use of the personnel.


Mixing systems and batch mixer

Our mixers and mixing systems offer the right solution for every requirement. Our batch mixers achieve a dough output of up to 400 kg and our automatic mixing system up to 7,200 kg of dough per hour:

  • Automatic mixing systems up to 7,200 kg dough / hour
  • Batch mixing up to 400 kg dough / batch
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small mixing system
720 – 1,600 kg dough/h
resting time max 3 min.

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Mixing system KRONOS LINEAR SYSTEM with DymoMix

linear mixing system
960 – 5,600 kg dough/h
resting time max 60 min.

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base discharge mixing system
480 – 6,000 kg dough/h
resting time max 3 min.

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large linear mixing system
1,200 - 6,400 kg dough / h
resting time max 55 min.

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dough rest mixing system
480 – 7,200 kg dough/h
resting time max 240 min.

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Mixer SP

mobile spiral mixer
25 –200 kg dough/batch
15 – 120 kg flour/batch

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Mixer UC PRO

helix mixer
130 – 200 kg dough/batch
80 – 120 kg flour/batch

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Mixer KRONOS digital

intelligent spiral mixer
120 – 400 kg dough/batch
75 – 250 kg flour/batch

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wheel-out spiral mixer
120 – 400 kg dough/batch
75 – 250 kg flour/batch

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bottom discharge mixer
max 2,800 kg dough/h
75 – 250 kg flour/batch

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industry spiral mixer
max 3,200 kg dough/h
150 – 250 kg flour/batch


we kemper it.

Every production process in the bakery starts with the preparation of dough. It is the first step, decisive to the quality of the entire process and the final product. The name Kemper has always been synonymous with mixing, for more than 100 years.



KEMPER MIXING means dough production customized to individual requirements.



The right mixer

To make the right choice of mixers, bakers need to consider the processes they use in dough preparation and dough processing as well as the final product they are looking at.



Mixing tools

In addition to the classic spiral tools, other special tools can be used for an individual adaptation to the dough requirement.



For soft doughs

The helix tool - Ideal for
particularly soft doughs.


The WP Kemper 3-zone mixing principle

Kemper Mixing Linear System

Flexible and accessible



Dough discharge in under 30 seconds


Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about our mixing solutions.

high dough quality and

perfectly mixed doughs

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