Linear mixing system TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM - WP Kemper

Mixing system

The large linear mixing system
Linear mixing system TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM - WP Kemper
  • High dough quality
  • Flexible
  • Accessible

Flexible and accessible, the new ease in industrial dough production

With the TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM you can realize different resting times, a high dough capacity and the best dough quality (with highest automation). The bowls are moved quickly and reliably by a carrier.


Fully automatic dough production


Mixer bowls

Mixer bowls made from stainless steel

Dosing module

For an automatic charge of ingredients and lid for a manual add of components. With dust protection and connection to a dust extraction system


Spiral mixer TITAN

As single or double spiral mixer

Bowl transport

Bowl transport rails for the double carrier


Other features

  • Temperature sensor PT100 for measuring the internal dough temperature in the guide bar
  • Bowl scraper to scrap of dough residues from the bowl walls during the mixing process
  • Revolution counter counts the revolutions of the mixing tool and enables to stop the mixing process after a defined number of revolutions
  • Monitoring System monitors all relevant bearings, drives and hydraulic systems and informs the operator about deviations
  • Dough resting area - the number of spots and the resting time can be chosen individually
  • Double carrier for the transportation of two bowls to the defined spots. The carrier is equipped with its own drive. Floor-based execution without platform with laser-controlled movements (self-moving).
  • Bowl tipper HK 200 in space-saving column design to transfer the dough to subsequent machines
  • All-round protective enclosure via protected doors


High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

All parts of the TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM are designed for the long-term use in 3-shift operation.

  1. Dough quality:
    • 3-zone mixing system: Reproducible doughs, high dough quality
  2. Performance:
    • Parallel production of two different types of doughs
    • Flexible dough resting times
    • Bearings, drives and the hydraulic system are monitored permanently
  3. Daily use and maintenance:
    • Open and during production accessible design
    • System can be expanded later

Hourly capacity:

1,200 - 6,400 kg dough

Resting time:

Up to 55 minutes

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  • Portioning hopper
  • Conveyor belt to transport the dough batch
  • Multi-phase control (inclusive with TITAN 400 DS)
  • Interface for dosing
  • Energy measurement
  • Bowl scraping station for the bowl tipper for a clean transfer into the hopper
  • Dough residue guard
  • Bowl cleaning module





Data sheet


For a high dough quality

High oxygenation and homogeneous doughs thanks to the 3-zone mixing principle, even at high output

Wheat doughs

Mixed wheat doughs

Mixed rye doughs

Fully automatic mixing system TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM

Dough production in the freely accessible TITAN LINEAR SYSTEM


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