Turnkey solutions for industrial bakeries

We are the pioneers in the bakeries. Innovations introduced by us have provided new impulses in numerous areas of the manufacturing process, and they have changed the whole production of baked goods.



Try-out in our WP Kemper Backzentrum

A test, a demonstration or training? Our experienced team of master bakers supports you with every question.

WP Kemper Backzentrum

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Bakery machines

We are the competence center for dough production, bread rolls and donuts. Mixers, bowl tippers, dough dividers, roll lines or donut lines can be found here



News about the company


So many modules

PANE dough strip line in progress. This PANE line will have modules for baguettes, seeding and Passau rose rolls


Conversion of our old paint shop: new windows

Step by step... Now our old paint shop got new windows


How smoothly our LARGO applied the products in the fat

Our LARGO fryer with transport bars and turning ramp for a smooth product turning.



Apprenticeship 2023

Apprenticeship at WP Kemper. This means real participation, a variety of tasks and independent work. Would you like to become part of our team as well? There are still apprenticeship places available for next year. The best idea is to apply right away!


Dream Team in progress…

The IMPERATOR dough divider and the SUPERBA KOMPAKT round- and longmoulder are our dream team for the compact bread production, especially when it comes to mixed rye and wheat doughs


Speeding up the production? That's what a fully automatic base discharge mixing system can do.

Dough production with our fully automatic base discharge POWER ROLL mixing system. A little speeded up


30,000 Rolls per our! Wow!

Producing up to 30,000 stamped rolls with our EVOLUTION ROLL LINE and our moving stamping module.


Two different types of EVOLUTION ROLL LINES in progress

One EVOLUTION LINE with modules for the production of curled and longmoulded rolls and an EVOLUTION COMPACT for the production of slit rolls. Both lines will be feeded by our SOFT STAR CT head machines


Bread and rolls with one machine?

If you want to produce rustic breads and rolls with one machine, the PANE PUR is exactly the right dough belt machine for you. Production of 1,350 kg of soft wheat dough bread with the PANE PUR.

EVOLUTION roll line

Curled rolls

PANE Dough strip line

Rose rolls