Divider and rounder

The industry dough dividing and moulding machine for rolls
Head machine SOFT STAR CTi - WP Kemper
  • Precisely roundmoulded dough balls
  • Very gentle to the dough
  • Exact weights

Soft doughs extremely fast

We ensure highest precision in the production of rolls. Our SOFT STAR CTi ensures extremely high weight accuracy (approx. 99%) at high and highest quality and an hourly capacity of up to 36,000 dough pieces.

The maintenance and cleaning of the SOFT STAR CTi are facilitated due to the separation of the dough processing area and the drive area, as well as through the modular design of the machine.

Product quality

Gentle production of the dough balls by means of a special process of dough charging, conveying and processing



Preportioner - the continuous dough feeding is done by three pairs of rollers. The preportioner can be moved for cleaning and maintenance purposes

Moulding drum

Moulding drum for the roundmoulding station to cover a defined weight range


Further transport

Spreading belt attachment for further transport of the moulded dough balls to following modules

High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The SOFT STAR CTi allows a high performance and at the same time gentle dough processing - this is possible due to a special process of dough feeding and conveying.

  1. Product quality:
    • Highest precision for roundmoulded dough balls
    • Exact weights
  2. Performance:
    • Durable and robust
  3. Cleaning and maintenance:
    • Easiest cleaning due to exceptional accessibility

Weight range:

20 - 140 g (standard)
15 - 180 g (multi-measuring drum)

Hourly capacity:

14,400 - 36,000 pieces

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  • Block-off
  • Alignment station on the spreading belt
  • Multi-measuring drum for an additional weight range



Data sheet


For perfect dough balls

Weight accurate and perfectly roundmoulded dough balls are produced by the SOFT STAR CTi

Round dough balls

Round dough balls


Turnkey solutions for hamburger and hot dog buns


Individual production solutions

Fully automatic dough production

Perfect mixing and ideal resting times for the dough thanks to the POWER ROLL SYSTEM


High process reliability

Weight accurate dividing

Dividing dough gently and with absolute weight accuracy, that's what the SOFT STAR CT stands for


99% weight accuracy

EVOLUTION roll line in action

Designed for large quantities, the EVOLUTION produces perfect dough pieces all day long


Constant quality

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