Automatic production of
mediterranean bread rolls
in artisanal quality

  • Round and square rolls
  • Small breads from soft doughs
  • Baguette, Ciabatta and Co.

Bread & rolls from the dough strip

Brot & Brötchen aus dem Teigband

What makes the quality
of breads and rolls
from soft doughs?

Soft, mediterranean doughs stand for breads and rolls with a natural aroma, an open crumb structure and good freshness.


Dough Sheet Process


Crunchy crust

A traditional baguette should have
a crunchy crust.

Coarse crumb

An open crumb structure is the most important attribute of all Mediterranean bread rolls and breads.


The typical flavor of all artisan rolls and breads develops through the long dough fermentation and a big part of sponge dough.


Stress free bread and roll production
from the dough sheet

Our machines and production lines for artisan and semi-industrial production of dough pieces are designed to deliver highest flexibility to cater for the demands of producing a wide range of products. Our proprietary PANE line manages a full product range with fabulous variety. Even the softest doughs are gently processed into dough strips before being divided and further processed. Our top priority is a gentle processing of the dough to maintain the open crumb structure.




Our dough sheet principle

For the automatic production of dough sheets we rely on integrated dough strip formers. Short distances facilitate the handling of particularly soft doughs. The doughs run through our S-shaped set of rollers from top to bottom and thus make use of gravity.

Artisan breads and rolls

Different roll lines are often necessary to produce various rolls. For the production of soft, artisan breads, classic bread lines can often not be used. Good that our PANE line is a slit roll line, a bread dough divider and a dough strip line for round and square rolls.

Your demand – our solution

Systems with different degrees of automation and hourly output offer the right solution for artisanal and industrial bakeries. Our box tipper facilitates dough sheet production. The modular design of the system allows to customize the roll lines individually to your wishes.


We install and set-up your system. Upon request, you will receive an intensive training for your employees by our master baker. After a successful installation, we are always at your side with provisions and, if necessary, repairs. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Gentle to the dough

To preserve the coarse dough structure.

95% weight accuracy

Due to the ACCURATOR 2.0, because we weigh before we cut.

Patented S-shaped set of rollers

Rolls the dough without stress as if made by hand.

Product variety

Convinces your customers and is easy to implement with the PANE line.


Due to the large variety of modules, exchangeable tools and simple program changes.


Dough strip line for breads and
rolls up to 12,000 pcs./h

WP Kemper dough strip line & roll line PANE KOMBI

Dough strip line PANE KOMBI

max 10,800 pcs/h
25 – 180 g/pcs
artisan & classic round and square rolls


Dough strip line PANE PUR

max 10,000 pcs/h
25 – 3,000 g
artisan square rolls & bread


Dough strip line PANE

modular, max 16,000 pcs/h
15 – 1,500 g/pcs
artisan square & round rolls, baguettes or breads


Neuigkeiten über Möglichkeiten und Funktionen unserer Teigbandanlagen


Product variety: Square breads

Square bread production with our PANE dough strip line


Product variety: Curled cheese stick rolls

Curled cheese stick rolls made with our PANE dough strip line


Round and longmoulding with our PANE dough strip line

Round and longmoulding with our PANE dough strip line. Enhance your product variety with further modules and with different types of dough.


Testing slit rolls!

We love to have slit roll tests with our PANE as the results are always so tasty!


Delicious pizza rolls

Producing special rolls like these delicious pizza rolls makes a gentle dough treatment necessary to protect the delicate ingredients. Our PANE dough strip line is so gentle to your dough and great for these kind of rolls.


Plain and simple

40 gram dough pieces on 5 rows. With our PANE you can handle your everyday products and your specialties.


Producing 300g mini bread with our PANE dough strip line


Product variety: Diamond shaped rolls

Made with our PANE dough strip line.


Baguettes with our PANE dough strip line. So easy.

All you need is our integrated baguette moulding station and optional an additional longmoulding module, depending on the type of baguettes you want to produce. That´s it.

we kemper it.

With our artisan product family, we have the right solution for every requirement. Our patented S-shaped set of rollers processes dough strips very gently and best suited for soft, Mediterranean breads and rolls: the doughs run through the set of rollers in a natural and gentle way from top to bottom.



Optimal mixing is the key to perfect end products. All WP Kemper spiral mixers are equipped with our proprietary 3-Zone mixing principle. For very soft doughs, the unique helix tool ensures optimum stability and plenty of volume.




Roundmoulded rolls

With the PANE head machine.


PANE head machine



Artisan baguettes

Directly from the integrated baguette station.


Roll Line PANE

Slit rolls without pre-proofer



Bread Line PANE PUR

For unique breads


PANE Baguette Line

Integrated baguette station



Behind the scenes


Three seeding stations in a row in our factory

The automatic seed retrieval is great for your high capacity roll line or when you struggle with staff shortage. The same seeding stations can be used on our PANE dough strip lines, too.

Kemper Artisan verschiedene Module

So many modules

PANE dough strip line in progress. This PANE line will have modules for baguettes, seeding and Passau rose rolls

Kemper Artisan Einblick PANE-Produktion-1Kemper Artisan Einblick PANE-Produktion-2

Sneak peek in our PANE production

When do you ever get the chance to look at the patented S-shaped set of rollers from all sides?

Kemper Artisan PANE Werksabnahme

Successfull PANE factory acceptance test by the customer

Last week we had customers for their PANE factory acceptance test in our factory and we prepared everything for a successful day

Kemper Artisan Ciabatta Brötchen Produktion

We can´t wait to see the final videos

For our latest video recordings we made these Ciabatta rolls with our PANE dough strip line.


Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about our artisan process.

Quality & diversity for

breads & rolls from soft doughs

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