Dough strip line

The combination of dough strip line
and roll line
Dough strip and roll line PANE KOMBI
  • Open crumb structure
  • High weight accuracy
  • Large product portfolio

The best of two worlds

If you want to produce artisan and classic rolls, you had to do so on two different machines. From now on, you can produce both types of products on just one line, because with the PANE KOMBI a classic roll line is fed by a dough strip line. For you, this unique combination means gentle production of all products, softer doughs than with classic roll lines and a particularly open crumb structure.

The PANE KOMBI 6.000 unites the PANE dough strip line with the SELECTA MODULAR roll line, the PANE KOMBI 9.000 consists of a PANE dough strip line and an EVOLUTION roll line.

Product quality

Achieving a particularly open crumb structure in the production of classic rolls like slit rolls or Kaiser rolls

ACCURATOR 2.0 scale

Weighing technology

ACCURATOR 2.0 scale with sensitive weighing technology


RELAX S - set of rollers rolls the dough very gently from both sides. Due to the vertical flow of dough a uniform dough strip is produced even with soft doughs.

S-shaped set of rollers
Roundmoulding station

Roundmoulding station

Moulding length, intensity and revolutions can be set and changed in the program control.

Flour duster

Flour duster with teardrop-shaped design to avoid flour bridges

Flour duster

Other features

  • SOFT CUT rocking knife with a rolling motion for optimal dough protection and low dough sticking
  • Pull-out base frame EASY PULL
  • SELECTA Modular or EVOLUTION proofer and modules

High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The combination of a classic roll line and a gentle dough strip line


  1. Product quality:
    • Gentle dough dividing and forming
    • Good freshness of the rolls due to soft doughs
    • Optimal moulding results due to adjustable moulding revolutions
    • High weight accuracy with the ACCURATOR 2.0
  2. Product variety:
    • Production of round, long and square rolls
    • Larger product portfolio than with classic roll lines



The use of an EVOLUTION roll line behind the PANE head machine results in further advantages:

  1. Daily use:
    • 50% more capacity
    • Stamping module with cups can be exchanged / expanded with a stamping module
    • Wide opening doors for optimal access
    • Expandability of the line due to the modular design of the EVOLUTION
    • High availability of the line through the use of low-maintenance chains



Weight range:

25 - 200 g

Hourly capacity:

Up to 6,000 pieces
Up to 800 kg dough


1 - 5 rows



Weight range:

25 - 180 g

Hourly capacity:

Up to 9,000 pieces
Up to 960 kg dough


1 - 6 rows

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  • Passau station PANE
  • Stamping station PANE
  • Stamping tools PANE
  • Sideway discharge belt SELECTA / EVOLUTION
  • Stamping module EVOLUTION
  • High performance UV sterilization SELECTA / EVOLUTION
  • Hygiene station EVOLUTION
  • Steam generator EVOLUTION
  • Heater EVOLUTION
  • Bowl tipper PANE KOMBI
  • Box tipper PANE KOMBI

Data sheet




For rolls with an open crumb structure

Gentle dividing with the PANE dough strip line and a large product variety due to the use of a classic roll line

Slit rolls

Longmoulded rolls

Kaiser rolls

Stamped rolls

Passau rose rolls

Artisan square rolls

Artisan round rolls

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