Modular roll line EVOLUTION

Roll line

The modular roll line
Modular roll line EVOLUTION
  • High product quality
  • Flexible
  • Robust design

The revolution in roll production

The knowledge of the requirements of our customers and technical expertise are the basis for our modular roll line EVOLUTION. Our focus is on the exact processing of products as well as on the efficient response to seasonal and long-term market changes. EVOLUTION is  a modular line concept for today and for every future - extremely flexible, powerful and at the same time energy-optimized.

Transparent doors

Daily use and maintenance

Production safety, accessibility and hygiene through consistently transparent hinge mounted doors


tray chains

Direct drives

Use of direct drives for optimum power transmission and maintenance-free operation


Trays with gauze

Inserts prevent condensation under the dough pieces. Gauze inserts can be clipped out for cleaning purposes


EVOLUTION pre-proofer, proofing trays and UV lights


Other features

  • Bypass (standard) for the direct transfer of products that do not require a proofing time
  • EVOLUTION COMPACT for a divided intermediate proof
  • EVOLUTION LINE for a complete intermediate proof

High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The EVOLUTION roll line is characterized by a high quality construction, designed for high-performance, and a large number of modules.

  1. Product quality:
    • Accurate transfer and additional alignment stations ensure exactly processed products
    • Exact depositing onto trays or sheets
  2. Performance:
    • High degree of product and production flexibility
    • KEMPER KEY access control increases the plant availability of up to 15%
  3. Daily use and maintenance:
    • Robust and minimal maintenance modules
  4. Cleaning:
    • Easy maintenance of the hygienic level due to washable gauze inserts and hinged mounted doors without dirt trap

Weight range:

25 - 140 g

Hourly capacity:

9,000 - 36,000 pieces

Working width:

800 mm (6 rows)
1,000 mm (8 rows)
1,200 mm (10 rows)

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  • EVOLUTION modular design:
  • Longmoulding station
  • Pinning & curling longmoulding module
  • Sheeting & longmoulding module
  • Longmoulding module with moulding channels
  • Stamping module with cups
  • Stamping module
  • Cutting module
  • Seeding module
  • Reciprocating module
  • Pretzel discharging belt
  • Tray conveying module
  • Hygiene station
  • KEMPER KEY access control



Data sheet


For best rolls

Precise processing and especially gentle to the dough. This is possible by the combination of SOFT STAR CTi head maschine and EVOLUTION roll line

Slit rolls

Kaiser rolls

Roundmoulded rolls

Stamped rolls

Hamburger buns

Hot Dog buns

Sandwiches / Finger rolls

Folded rolls

Longmoulded rolls

Production of slit rolls with the EVOLUTION

Curling and longmoulding of Hot Dog buns with the EVOLUTION



Turnkey solutions for hamburger and hot dog buns


Individual production solutions

Fully automatic dough production

Perfect mixing and ideal resting times for the dough thanks to the POWER ROLL SYSTEM


High process reliability

Weight accurate dividing

Dividing dough gently and with absolute weight accuracy, that's what the SOFT STAR CT stands for


99% weight accuracy

EVOLUTION roll line in action

Designed for large quantities, the EVOLUTION produces perfect dough pieces all day long


Constant quality

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