Modular roll line EVOLUTION

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Modular roll line EVOLUTION

The knowledge of the requirements of our customers and technical expertise are the basis for our modular roll line EVOLUTION. Our focus is on the exact processing of products as well as on the efficient response to seasonal and long-term market changes. EVOLUTION is  a modular line concept for today and for every future - extremely flexible, powerful and at the same time energy-optimized.

Machine variants

Modular roll line EVOLUTION intermediate proof


Rows: 6 -12
Pieces/hour: 12.000 - 43,200
Weight range: 25 - 140 g
Working width: 800 mm, 1.000 mm, 1.200 mm
For a complete intermediate proof

Modular roll line EVOLUTION COMPACT


Rows: 6 -12
Pieces/hour: 12.000 - 43,200
Weight range: 25 - 140 g
Working width: 800 mm, 1.000 mm, 1.200 mm
For a divided intermediate proof

Modular roll line EVOLUTION variants

Further EVOLUTION variants

Our machines and lines are modular and individually adaptable to your needs. Talk to us, we would be happy to configure your project together with you.

Advantages and benefits of the roll line EVOLUTION
For a safe production


Precise processed products for a uniform, reproducible product quality


Customizable with maximum flexibility


Modular and compact with great accessibility



Hygienic and easy to clean


Robust and reliable for  1-, 2- or 3-shift operation


Easy maintenance of the hygienic level

due to washable, air permeable gauze inserts.

Modular roll line EVOLUTION Trays


Modular roll line EVOLUTION roll process


12,000 - 43,200 pieces / hour


Weight range

Weight range 25 - 140 g



6 -12 rows and Working width 800 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,200 mm

Equipment and options of the roll line EVOLUTION
For high quality rolls

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lines are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability, and the consistently high quality of all products they make.


For pre-proofing of the dough pieces. With timing / conveyor belt for transferring the dough pieces to a processing module. The proofer is air conditioned for a uniform and controllable product quality.


As a chain or belt bypass to bypass the proofing time.

UV lights

For sterilizing the proofing trays.


Designed as direct drives for a stable, low-wear production process.

Transparent doors

On both sides wide opening, transparent hinge-mounted doors enable good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance purposes and optimal visibility of the production process.


Plastic trays with removable and washable gauze inserts for a good ventilation of the dough pieces. The tray chains have low-maintenance requirements.

Alignment stations

All modules of the EVOLUTION roll line are equipped with alignment stations. In this way, only perfectly aligned dough pieces are passed on to the next process step, to maintain a very high processing quality of your products.


Clear, large touch panel in an ergonomic position on the line.

Modular design

The modular design of the EVOLUTION roll line enables the production of a large number of different products on one line. Subsequent expansion of the system is possible.


  • ISO housing and air conditioning for the proofer
  • Hygiene station with infra-red emitters (replaces UV sterilization)
  • Hygiene station Plus with infra-red emitters (replaces UV sterilization) and tray cleaning station
  • Longmoulding modules
    • Longmoulding module with upper belt to produce seamless longmoulded products
    • Pinning and curling longmoulding module to produce pinned and longmoulded products with up to two curls
    • Sheeting and curling longmoulding module to produce sheeted and longmoulded products with up to four curls
    • Longmoulding module with moulding channels to produce cylindrical, longmoulded products
  • Cutting module to produce slit rolls
  • Double roll module to produce two round pieces pressed together
  • Stamping module on the belt to produce stamped rolls
  • Stamping module with trays to produce stamped rolls like Kaiser rolls
  • Passau oiling station for a second moulding with fat
  • Wachauer module for a second moulding with flour
  • Seeding module for automatically seeding one side of the dough piece
  • Reciprocating belt for the automatic depositing onto trays, belts and tray conveying systems
  • Tray conveying system
  • KEMPER KEY access control

Accurate transfer and additional alignment stations

ensure exactly processed products.

Modular roll line EVOLUTION

Product variety

Precise processing and especially gentle to the dough. This is possible by the combination of SOFT STAR CTi head maschine and EVOLUTION roll line. The combination of various modules allows the
production of versatile products.

Modular roll line EVOLUTION processes


Turnkey process solutions up to 36,000 pcs./h | Process example for slit rolls and kaiser rolls.


Sweet & Soft

Turnkey process solutions up to 36,000 pcs./h | Process example for hamburger buns, briochette, hot dog buns and pain au lait.



Turnkey process solutions up to 36,000 pcs./h | Process example for round, longmoulded, stamped, flat pressed, folded and curled rolls.


Hamburger- & Hotdog-Buns

Complete production processes specialized for hamburger buns and hot dog buns consist of coordinated components that enable the efficient and continuous production of baked goods.


Slit rolls

Kaiser rolls

Roundmoulded rolls

Stamped rolls

Hamburger buns

Hot Dog buns

Sandwiches / Finger rolls

Folded rolls

Longmoulded rolls

Service and Support
We make sure that your production lines run.


Our goal - reduce machine downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance.


Faults can build up or just happen, no matter what precautions have been taken. When they do, it is vital to initiate and implement the necessary measures as soon as possible to let your lines run again.

Service 4.0

Well planned digitalization can achieve significant performance increases, and enhance the value of machines and equipment.


The WP SERVICELINE 24 is our guaranteed connection to the WP SERVICE and outside our opening hours  to our emergency service.

Clean is important. Even cleaner is better. WP Clean Up

Extend the life of your machine with the machine cleaner WP CLEAN UP.



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