Turnkey solutions for hamburger and hot dog buns


Individual production solutions

Fully automatic dough production

Perfect mixing and ideal resting times for the dough thanks to the POWER ROLL SYSTEM


High process reliability

Weight accurate dividing

Dividing dough gently and with absolute weight accuracy, that's what the SOFT STAR CT stands for


99% weight accuracy

EVOLUTION roll line in action

Designed for large quantities, the EVOLUTION produces perfect dough pieces all day long


Constant quality

What matters when it comes to hamburger buns and hot dog buns

Consumers value a product like fresh from the oven after unpacking, thus a long shelf life and freshness of the buns are particularly important. Just like the fine crumb structure of the hamburger buns and hot dog buns - but also for the packaging of the buns a consistent, standardized quality and exact processing are absolutely essential. Burger buns made from brioche dough are a growing trend on the hamburger market, as well as finger rolls or hoagies.




The buns should have an even shape. Hot dog buns should be cylindrical, while hamburger buns should be perfectly round. The shape accuracy of the buns is particularly important for the subsequent packaging and can only be achieved through precise processing.


A fine but loose crumb structure is essential for good hamburger buns and hot dog buns as the sauces should not sink into deep holes. The right intensity in processing is the key to success, because the desired crumbed structure can only be achieved through the optimal combination of gentle dough processing and moulding intensity.


Especially with hamburger buns and hot dog buns, it is important that they still taste like they are fresh out of the oven after unpacking. A high water content extends the freshness and ensures a better aroma.


Turn key process solutions for
the industrial hamburger bun and
hot dog bun production

Complete production processes for hamburger buns and hot dog buns consist of coordinated components that enable the efficient and continuous production of baked goods. The production systems developed and installed by us are "turn key solutions"; we are responsible for complete process solutions from dough production to the finished product. We offer both: mono-lines for the production of hot dog buns or hamburger buns or multi-lines for all types of soft rolls.

WP Kemper Hamburger Bun

Sample process
hamburger bun


Sheet transport + STEP final proofer
Tunnel oven + Depanning
Cooling spiral

PDF: Sample process


Sample process
hot dog bun


Sheet transport + STEP final proofer
Tunnel oven + Depanning
Cooling spiral

PDF: Sample process

WP Kemper Hot Dog Bun

Scope of supply and service

  • The machines for dough production, dough processing, moulding, pre-proofing and baking come from our company
  • The heart of the production line is the dough divider SOFT STAR CTi and the EVOLUTION roll line
  • We care about the project planning
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Set-up and installation of our machines
  • After-Sales-Service
Image from the WP Soft Bun Online Seminar

Online Seminar:
36,000 pcs. Hamburger Bun Line

Watch the recording of our Hamburger Online Seminar in which the production of hambuger buns with the dough dividing and moulding machine SOFT STAR CTi and the EVOLUTION roll line with an hourly output of 36,000 pieces is presented.

View video


Our turn key solutions are equipped with the latest technologies and high-quality components. The heart of the systems are WP Kemper products. Together with our clients, we find the right partners for the additional modules.


Advantage & benefit


High hourly outputs

WP ROLL roll systems are characterized by high-performance components and achieve hourly outputs of 36,000 pieces.


99% Weight accuracy

We ensure highest precision in the production of rolls, with our SOFT STAR CTi we achieve 99% weight accuracy on highest quality and shape accuracy.


Long lasting

Our machines and systems are specially designed for the use in industrial multi-shift operations and are characterized by their durability and low downtimes.


Hygienic standard

The unique, hygienic design of the SOFT STAR CT / SOFT STAR CTi and EVOLUTION lines enable good accessibility and easy cleaning.


Easy operation

The optionally integrated KEMPER-KEY access control helps to reduce operator errors by assigning access rights.


Many years of experience

As mechanical engineers, we know exactly what it takes to get a project right. We cover complete process solutions all the way through from dough production to the finished product. Our customers have only one point of contact when it comes to rolls - and that´s us.


Excellent aroma and long freshness

Due to the special design of our systems, doughs with a high water and fat content can be processed for a better flavor and longer freshness.




we kemper it.

Hamburger buns and Hot Dog buns vary all over the world. Some are brioche buns, some are hoagies or finger rolls. With our maschines and lines we meet the individuall needs of each type of product.


WP Soft Buns are seeded in the seeding station

With WP ROLL it is our goal to provide optimal product solutions for the industrial production of roll and buns - from dough production to baking and freezing. The modular design of the lines makes it possible to produce a wide variety of products with high weight accuracy on the same line.


WP Kemper Soft Bun Pinning and curling station


Pinning and
curling module

Precisely processed
hot dog buns

WP Kemper Soft Bun Longmoulding module with moulding channels

Longmoulding module
with moulding channels

Production of a cylindrical
hot dog bun

Seeding module
with water column

Hygienic seeding of
the hamburger buns

Seeding of WP Soft Buns in the seeding station
Seeding of WP Soft Buns in the seeding station

EVOLUTION Hamburger seeding module

Seeding of the hamburger dough pieces
WP Soft Bun production of flat pressed Hamburger Buns

EVOLUTION Hamburger Line

Flat pressed hamburger buns
 WP Soft Bun curling of the hot dog buns


Curling of the hot dog buns
WP Soft Bun longmoulding of the hot dog buns

EVOLUTION Hot Dog Moulding Channels

Longmoulding of the hot dog buns
WP Soft Buns on the cross-loading belt

EVOLUTION Hamburger & Hot Dog Line

Flexible number of rows with cross-loading belt
WP Soft Bun dough production

SOFT STAR CTi Head Machine

Production of dough balls

Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about our roll process solutions.

Quality as a result of

the optimal process

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