WP Kemper Backzentrum

A warm welcome to WP Kemper Backzentrum.
Experience the world of baked goods with all your senses.

True to the motto „think process“ the WP Kemper Backzentrum offers the entire process for the production of baked goods. From mixer to in-store ovens, we can work on a variety of products from the whole WP BAKERYGROUP.

Test doughs and receipes individually

Equipped like a professional bakery, the WP Kemper Backzentrum offers the perfect setting for tests, demonstrations, seminars and events. A team of experienced master bakers work together with you and your dough, in a relaxed atmosphere, on roll lines or bread lines, dough dividers or mixers.

Exchange experiences during our events

In addition to individual visits and tests regular events and seminars also take place, such as bread-experience day or Craft baking day. Please request your personal event calendar and plan your visit with us at the WP Kemper Backzentrum!


2014 | Donut Day at the WP Kemper Backzentrum

Neue Maschinen testen

Events at the WP Kemper Backzentrum

Information events and workshops are offered at regular intervals at our WP Kemper Backzentrum in Rietberg.

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