Optimal solutions for
the industrial production
of buns and rolls

  • 1 g weight accuracy
  • 60 strokes / minute
  • 36,000 pieces / hour

Industrial Roll Production

Industrielle Brötchen Produktion

What makes the quality of rolls?

Rolls are eaten all over the world every day. Kaiser rolls for breakfast or lunch, Hamburger and Hot Dog buns as a quick meal and chocolate rolls or milk buns as a sweet snack in between. There is an almost infinite variety of types, shapes or patterns of rolls. So, what makes the quality of a good bun?




The shape of the roll should be uniform and typical for its type, as the uniform shape demonstrates optimum processing. Unwanted holes in the rolls are avoided.

Crumb structure

A fine but loose crumb structure is essential for good rolls, after all, the hamburger sauce should not sink into deep holes. The right intensity of processing is the key to success.


Fresh and soft, that´s how good rolls have to taste, even if you do not eat it directly after the purchase. A high water content extends the freshness and ensures a better aroma.


Turnkey process solutions
for the industrial bun production

Complete roll production processes consist of coordinated components that enable efficient and continuous production of industrial baked goods. The production systems developed and installed by us are fully customized turn key solutions covering all processes from dough production through to the finished product.




Up to 36,000 pcs./h
Process example for slit rolls
and kaiser rolls

Soft & Sweet

Up to 36,000 pcs./h
Process example for hamburger
buns, briochette, hot dog buns
and pain au lait


Up to 36,000 pcs./h
Process example for round,
longmoulded, stamped, flat
pressed, folded and curled rolls

Coordinated components

We find the right solution for our customer´s needs and ensure that all modules are optimally networked. Our customers have only one point of contact when it comes to rolls.


Scope of supply and service

We do not just deliver the machines, we also assume the complete project planning. We take account of process requirements, desired product characteristics and specific site situations, and we collaborate closely with our customers to design the optimum solution for their needs.


Our turn-key solutions are equipped with the latest technologies and high-quality components. Nearly all elements in our systems are WP Kemper products. We collaborate closely with our customers to find the right partners for any additional modules.


Our service includes the delivery, installation and set-up of the roll line, as well as the service needed. Through training of the machine operators and house technicians and regular maintenance, we want to make it possible to plan machine downtimes. But sometimes it comes to an unplanned machine downtime. With spare parts on stock and our Serviceline 24/7, we are available for you around the clock.


Highest precision

And exact processing with the EVOLUTION roll line.

99% weight accuracy

With the head machines of the SOFT STAR series.

High product quality

By gentle dough production and processing.

Fully automatic, coordinated process steps


Possibilities and functions of our roll lines


Dough processing as you want it

Our standard EVOLUTION roll lines range from 9,000 pieces per hour to 36,000 pieces per hour and can be configured to your individual needs through a large variety of dough processing modules and options


Precisely stamped kaiser rolls

Producing kaiser rolls with a tray stamping module that uses particular stamping trays protects your proofer trays and ensures precisely stamped rolls.


The Soft STAR CT is hard to beat

Our SOFT STAR CT dough divider and roundmoulder stands for high speed and precise processing and with its 12 rows it is even more powerful.

Rohlinge auf der Waage

Weight accuracy with the SOFT STAR CTi and why it matters

Our SOFT STAR CT dough dividing and roundmoulding machine is our STAR for SOFT doughs and very high weight accuracy. And due to its CleanTec design the SOFT STAR CT is so easy to clean. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a high weight accuracy, register for our stream "Why weight accuracy matters".

Fertige Brote

We are always thrilled to develop new products with our customers.

Together, our creativity flows and we get the most out of our machines. These partnerships are what drive us. We love to test our machines to their limits and bring them beyond them, to create something new.


30,000 Rolls per our! Wow!

Producing up to 30,000 stamped rolls with our EVOLUTION ROLL LINE and our moving stamping module.


Hygiene in the proofing cabinet? Innovations cleverly linked

Easy cleaning of our EVOLUTION proofers with our HYGIENE STATION PLUS consisting of infra-red emitters and tray cleaning brushes. It is integrated in the return of the intermediate proofer and can also be operated during production.


Dividing dough more accurately than 1 gram? It works!

When you need a reliable and weight accurate dough divider, our SOFT STAR CTi is the right one for you. With a weight accuracy of better than 1 gram and up to 36,000 pieces per hour it delivers perfectly shaped dough balls around the clock


Best Productquality: Hot dog buns on the EVOLUTION!

Producing hot dog buns with our EVOLUTION ROLL LINE

we kemper it.

WP ROLL provides optimum production solutions for the industrial production of rolls all the way from dough processing through to freezing. We look after all engineering aspects, we design and deliver customized turn-key solutions. As mechanical engineers, we know what it takes to get a project right.



KEMPER MIXING mixing systems are optimally designed for the requirements of industrial mixing such as high process reliability combined with consistent dough quality and high performance.



99% weight accuracy

Our SOFT STAR CTi ensures 99% weight accuracy.





Stamping module

With cups for the precise
production of kaiser rolls.





Curled rolls

Production of curled rolls
with up to 4.5 curls.


WP ROLL - roll lines

WP ROLL roll lines are made of high-performance components. Easy accessibility of all sections allows easy cleaning. The modular design of the lines makes it possible to produce a wide variety of products with high weight accuracy on the same line.




Precise cuts even at high performance

Kaiser rolls

Up to 36,000 kaiser rolls / hour


Hot Dog Buns

Uniform Hot Dog dough pieces

Soft Bun Systems



Behind the scenes

WP-Roll Broetchenanlage verschiedene Varianten

Two different types of EVOLUTION ROLL LINES in progress

One EVOLUTION LINE with modules for the production of curled and longmoulded rolls and an EVOLUTION COMPACT for the production of slit rolls. Both lines will be feeded by our SOFT STAR CT head machines

WP-Roll Broetchenanlage ist auf dem Weg zum Kunden

One roll line is gone (to the customer) and one is left and will be finished soon

WP-Roll Broetchenanlage auf ihren Weg

One roll line is gone (to the customer) and one is left and will be finished soon

We had also a factory acceptance test for the EVOLUTION LINE and now it is already on its way to the customer


Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about our roll process solutions.

Quality as a result of

the optimal process

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