Divider and rounder

The accurate dough dividing and moulding machine

The dough dividing and moulding machine SOFT STAR PLUS produces dough balls with extremely high quality and weight accuracy. Due to the architecture of the dividing unit, very soft doughs can be processed.

The SOFT STAR PLUS is a head machine designed for utilization in industrial bakeries, tuned for the requirements of modern roll lines.

Machine variants


800 mm working width
18,000 pieces / hour


1,000 mm working width
24,000 pieces / hour


1,200 mm working width
30,000 pieces / hour

Divider and rounder SOFT STAR CTi variants

Further variants

Our machines and lines are modular and individually adaptable to your needs. Talk to us, we would be happy to configure your project together with you.

Advantages and benefits of the head machine SOFT STAR PLUS
Gentle and weight accurate

Accurate weight

Optimal use of the dough used due to very high weight accuracy


Very gentle to the dough even with very soft doughs


High product quality due to precise roundmoulding result



Machine can be optimally adapted to the requirements of even very soft doughs


Our Work Horse - extremely robust and safe


For perfectly shaped dough balls

Thanks to the adjustable, servo-controlled dividing system and a continuously adjustable roundmoulding station, even extremely soft dough qualities can be processed gently.


Round dough balls

Pieces / row

3.000 pieces/row
up to 30,000 pieces/hour


Piece weight

20 - 140 g piece weight
Mono measuring drum

10 - 140 g piece weight
Multi measuring drum

Equipment and options of the head machine SOFT STAR PLUS
The standard for precise dough dividing and moulding

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lines are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability, and the consistently high quality of all products they make.


  • The continuous dough feeding is done by three pairs of rollers
  • The pre-portioner can be moved for cleaning and maintenance purposes

Measuring piston

  • The patented mouthpiece of the measuring piston ensures that the dough is divided as gently as possible
  • The dough is compressed less, ensuring dry dough surfaces and accurate weights

Measuring drum and oiling

  • The multi-measuring drum is equipped with two different rows of pistons
  • This enables infinitely variable adjustment of the weight range
  • The measuring drum oiling improves the release of the dough pieces from the measuring piston

Intermediate belt

  • Ensures the necessary relaxation phase of the dough pieces between the dividing and molding process

Moulding drum

  • Moulding drum for the moulding station to cover a defined weight range
  • The moulding revolutions are infinitely variable
  • Moulding can be adapted to the dough consistency

Spreading belt attachment

  • For further transport of the round-moulded dough pieces to the downstream modules


  • Block-off for 1-3 rows
  • Stainless steel dough chamber
  • Flour duster above the moulding drum
  • Flour duster on the spreading belt
  • Pressure roller  and alignment station on the spreading belt attachment
  • KEMPER KEY access control

Our "work horse"

High operational reliability thanks to the use of high-quality components and reinforced materials

Product variety
Soft doughs extra fast

Head machines of the SOFT STAR series have always been synonymous with the gentle and weight-accurate processing of small pastry doughs. They specialize in doughs with a high dough absorption.

Round dough balls

Round dough balls

Service and support
We make sure that your production lines run.


Our goal - reduce machine downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance.


Faults can build up or just happen, no matter what precautions have been taken. When they do, it is vital to initiate and implement the necessary measures as soon as possible to let your lines run again.

Service 4.0

Well planned digitalization can achieve significant performance increases, and enhance the value of machines and equipment.


The WP SERVICELINE 24 is our guaranteed connection to the WP SERVICE and outside our opening hours  to our emergency service.

Clean is important. Even cleaner is better. WP Clean Up

Extend the life of your machine with the machine cleaner WP CLEAN UP.



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