Dough strip line

The dough strip line for all rolls and breads
Dough sheeter PANE
  • Gentle to the dough
  • Weight accurate
  • Convincing product variety

One for all

For processing doughs with long resting times and high dough absorption, we have developed the PANE. Artisan, square rolls can be produced as well as round rolls, baguette, not to mention wheat soft dough breads and other special rolls. The modular design of the PANE enables to adjust the line to market changes.

Dough strips in S-shaped set of rollers

Product quality

Dough strips are processed extremely gently in the patented S-shaped set of rollers, the open pore structure is preserved.

ACCURATOR 2.0 scale

Weighing technology

ACCURATOR 2.0 scale with sensitive weighing technology

S-shaped set of rollers

S-shaped set of rollers rolls the dough very gently from both sides. Due to the vertical flow of dough a uniform dough strip is produced even with soft doughs.

S-shaped set of rollers
Roundmoulding station

Roundmoulding station

Moulding length, intensity and revolutions can be set and changed in the program control.

Flour duster

Teardrop-shaped design to avoid flour bridges

Flour duster

Other features

  • SOFT CUT rocking knife with a rolling motion for optimal dough protection and low dough sticking
  • Pull-out base frame EASY PULL

High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

Patented, gentle to the dough system and a modular design for a large product variety. That distinguishes the PANE.

  1. Product quality:
    • Use of flour instead of oil prevents from oil inclusions and provides a better structure of the surface
    • Dividing with high weight accuracy thanks to the ACCURATOR 2.0
    • Optimal moulding results through adjustable moulding revolutions
  2. Daily use:
    • Unique CLEAN TEC accessibility for fast, thorough cleaning
  3. Product variety:
    • Production of a widespread product range with convincing variety

Weight range:

Square dough pieces: 10 - 1,500 g
Round dough pieces: 25 - 450 g

Hourly capacity:

Up to 12,000 pieces

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  • Supplementing the PANE roll line with various modules:
  • Seeding module
  • Automatic seed retrieval
  • Passau station
  • Baguette station
  • Longmoulding module
  • Stamping module
  • Reciprocating module
  • Box tipper
  • KEMPER KEY access control



Data sheet


For artisan breads and rolls

Gentle dough strip production with the S-shaped set of rollers and weight - accurate dividing with the ACCURATOR 2.0 for high quality artisan breads and rolls

Slit rolls

Square rolls

Ciabatta rolls

Passau rose rolls

Raisin rolls

Diamond-shaped rolls

Triangle rolls

Longmoulded rolls


Artisan stamped rolls

Artisan baguettes

Ciabatta breads


Small breads

Soft wheat dough breads

Baguette station

Baguette production with the integrated baguette station

Production of rose buns

Production of Passau rose rolls with the PANE


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