Dough strip line PANE for the production of rustic rolls

Dough strip line

Modern roll production
 Dough strip line PANE for the production of rustic rolls

For processing doughs with longer resting times and high dough absorption, we have developed the PANE INTERNATIONAL. Rustic, square rolls can be produced as well as round rolls, long rolls, not to mention wheat soft dough breads and other special rolls. The PANE is optimally designed to process doughs with strong gluten and long pre-proofng and the modular design enables to adjust the line to market changes.

Machine variants

Dough strip line PANE 5-rows

PANE 5-rows

1-5 rows
Up to 800 kg dough / hour

Dough strip line PANE 6-rows

PANE 6-rows

1-6 rows
Up to 960 kg dough / hour

Dough strip line PANE PLUS


Up to 6 rows
Up to 1,460 kg dough / hour

Machine variants for the production of Artisan products

Further variants

Our machines and lines are modular and individually adaptable to your needs. Talk to us, we would be happy to configure your project together with you.

Advantages and benefits of the dough strip line PANE
Stress-free roll and bread production


Compact head machine for dough strip forming, cutting, round or long molding - also with margarine - and stamping into shapes. Further modules increase the versatility of the PANE


Stress-free processing of high-quality and long-proofing doughs for special products with great taste and artisanal character



One line for almost all rolls and even bread relieves the staff and saves space


Weight accurate or shape accurate processing of the dough pieces - depending on the product needs


Combined Stations

Within the head machine save space and makes product processing easier.

Combined stamping and cutting stations within the head machine save space and makes product processing easier.


Variety of rustic products


Up to 1,460 kg dough/hour

up to 16,200 pieces/hour,
15 - 1,500 g
up to 10,800 pieces/hour,
25 - 450 g
up to 2,000 pieces/hour,
150 - 400 g


Dough absorption

Dough absorption: 80%


Number of rows

1 - 6 rows

Equipment and options
For high-quality products with artisan character

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lines are their high functional reliability, their excellent proftability and the consistently high quality of all products they make.

S-shaped set of rollers

  • Gentle to the dough
  • Uses gravity
  • Sensor adjusted

SOFT CUT knife

  • Non-sticky
  • Defined cut
  • Rocking motion

Baguette station

  • No extra module needed
  • Saves space
  • Artisan and fine-pored quality

Roundmoulding station

  • Moulding revolutions, moulding time and moulding intensity adjustable
  • Precise roundmoulding


  • Weighs before cutting
  • Compensates possible fluctuations in the dough level
  • Choose between weight accuracy and length accuracy


  • Digital service support
  • Sensors measure the machine parameters continuously
  • Provides security and increases machine availability


  • Absolutely safe operation
  • Defined operating options through the use of different electronic keys


  • Passau station
  • Baguette station
  • Longmoulding module
  • Stamping module (external)
  • Cutting module for slit rolls
  • Seeding module
  • Automatic seed return system
  • Reciprocating belt
  • Work table for manual processing


Cut edges and shape accurate cutting ensure the optimal use of the dough.

Cut edges and shape accurate cutting ensure the optimal use of the dough.

Product variety

Gentle dough strip production with the S-shaped set of rollers for relaxed doughs with an open crumbed structure enables a large product variety of bread and rolls in highest quality.

Slit rolls

Square rolls

Ciabatta rolls

Passau rose rolls

Raisin rolls

Diamond-shaped rolls

Triangle rolls

Longmoulded rolls


Artisan stamped rolls

Artisan baguettes

Ciabatta breads


Small breads

Soft wheat dough breads

Service and Support
We make sure that your production lines run.


Our goal - reduce machine downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance.


Faults can build up or just happen, no matter what precautions have been taken. When they do, it is vital to initiate and implement the necessary measures as soon as possible to let your lines run again.

Service 4.0

Well planned digitalization can achieve significant performance increases, and enhance the value of machines and equipment.


The WP SERVICELINE 24 is our guaranteed connection to the WP SERVICE and outside our opening hours  to our emergency service.

Clean is important. Even cleaner is better. WP Clean Up

Extend the life of your machine with the machine cleaner WP CLEAN UP.



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