Dough strip line

The dough strip line for square rolls and breads
Dough strip line PANE PUR - WP Kemper
  • Very gentle to the dough
  • Weight accurate
  • Quick cleaning

Highest quality in your roll and bread production

Soft, pre-proofed doughs stand for pure bread enjoyment, as they ensure natural flavors and great freshness. The PANE PUR, a dough strip line for artisan rolls, small breads and wheat soft dough breads, gives these doughs a special treatment - to maintain an open crumb structure.

Precision and efficiency are important points in the bread and roll production. Therefore the PANE PUR has been equipped with the ACCURATOR 2.0. During continuous operation, sensitive weighing technology continually records the weight of the dough strip, which is then cut according to the preset weight. Dividing and the production of dough strips are of course done without scrap dough.

Product quality

Dough strips are processed extremely gently in the patented S-shaped set of rollers, the open pore structure is preserved.

SOFT CUT rocking knife

Rocking knife

SOFT CUT rocking knife with a rolling motion for optimal dough protection and low dough sticking


RELAX S - set of rollers rolls the dough very gently from both sides. Due to the vertical flow of dough a uniform dough strip is produced even with soft doughs

S-shaped set of rollers
base frame EASY PULL


Pull-out base frame EASY PULL

Flour duster

Flour duster with teardrop-shaped design to avoid flour bridges

Flour duster

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

Patented technology like the S-shaped set of rollers, the ACCURATOR 2.0, as well as the modular design make a powerful PANE PUR.

  1. Product quality:
    • Use of flour instead of oil prevents from oil inclusions and provides a better structure of the dough surface.
    • Weight accurate dividing of the dough pieces with the ACCURATOR 2.0
  2. Daily use:
    • Unique CLEAN TEC accessibility for fast, thorough cleaning
  3. Product variety:
    • Production of square rolls and breads on one line

Weight range:

25 - 1,500 g (1 - 5 rows)
75 - 3,000 g (1 - 2 rows)

Hourly capacity:

Up to 10,000 pieces

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  • Stamping station
  • Various, individual stamping tools
  • Work table for make up by hand
  • Excess flour brush for the work table
  • Longmoulding module
  • Baguette module
  • Seeding module
  • Reciprocating module
  • Box tipper or bowl tipper PANE PUR
  • KEMPER KEY access control

Data sheet




For unique breads and rolls

Artisan breads and rolls from particularly soft doughs can be produced with the PANE PUR.

Artisan square rolls

Artisan triangle rolls

Artisan diamond-shaped rolls

Artisan stamped rolls

Ciabatta rolls

Ciabatta breads

Soft wheat dough breads

Small breads

wheat bun production

Automatic dividing with manual processing of large soft wheat dough breads

producing buns

Production of square and stamped dinner rolls


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