Donut and ball donut line EVOLUTION DONUT & BERLINER LINE - WP Kemper

Donut line

The industry donut and ball donut line
Donut and ball donut line EVOLUTION DONUT & BERLINER LINE - WP Kemper
  • Perfect donut form
  • 70% less scrap dough
  • High weight accuracy

Patented donut stamp

The WP Kemper EVOLUTION DONUT & BERLINER LINE is perfectly aligned for the production of ring and ball donuts.

The decisive performance features of our systems are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability and the consistently high quality of all products they make. Our systems work with the KEMPER DOUGH BALL SYSTEM whose central component is our patented donut stamp.


Flexible, since different products, weights and volumes can be produced


Flat-pressing station

For forming a uniform round, flat dough piece


EVOLUTION pre-proofer with proofing trays and UV lights


Donut stamp

Interchangeable tools punch out the pre-pressed dough in the middle of the dough piece

Final proofer

EVOLUTION final proofer with proofing trays and UV lights


High performance, maximum benefits and modular options

Numerous products can be produced with the modular DONUT & BERLINER LINE. True to the motto "think process", the system can be extended to a fully automatic donut and ball donut production system.

  1. Product quality:
    • Highest product quality due to the WP Kemper Dough Ball System
    • Perfect donuts and ball donuts
  2. Performance:
    • The whole process from dough production till freezing
    • High plant availability
  3. Potential savings:
    • 70% less scrap dough
    • Saving of raw materials due to high weight accuracy of the dough pieces
    • Saving of fat by up to 50% (if required)

Weight range:

17 - 70 g

Hourly capacity:

Donuts: 12,000 - 50,000 pieces
Ball donuts: 7,000 - 50,000 pieces

Working width:

800 mm
1,000 mm
1,200 mm
1,540 mm

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  • Extension by a Kemper mixing system and fryer to a complete donut production line
  • Remote control
  • Hygiene station
  • Stiffening zone
  • WP Kemper fryer LARGO
  • Filling module
  • Cooler
  • Powdered sugar station
  • Other weight ranges / capacities on request



Data sheet


For best donuts and ball donuts

The low scrap dough quantity due to the patented donut stamp can be optimally used for further dough batches without reducing the quality of the donut. The production from a round piece gives the donuts and ball donuts a perfect round shape.

Mini ball donuts

Mini donuts

Ball donuts (sugared)

Ball donuts (glazed, chocolate)

Donuts (frosted)

Donuts (sugared)

Long donuts


Up to 10% less scrap dough due to the patented donut stamp

Production of donuts and ball donuts from a round piece


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