Bread line

The compact bread line
  • Small footprint
  • Gentle to the dough
  • High product quality

A space saver

The COMPACT BREAD LINE produces square, round and longmoulded breads in the smallest space. The IMPERATOR CT II ensures exactly and gently divided dough pieces within the bread line, while the SUPERBA KOMPAKT ensures perfect moulding results.

Production of roundmolded and longmoulded breads

Daily use

Automatic production of round- and longmoulded breads


Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

Ongoing quality by the combination of IMPERATOR CT II dough divider and SUPERBA KOMPAKT round- and longmoulder

  1. Product quality
    • Gentle dough processing
    • High weight accuracy
    • Optimal moulding results
  2. Daily use:
    • Production of dough pieces with various weights
  3. Cleaning:
    • Easy cleaning due to good accessibility to the dough contacting parts of the IMPERATOR CT II
    • Foldable belts of the SUPERBA KOMPAKT

Weight range:

500 - 2,900 g

Hourly capacity:

800 - 1,500 pieces

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  • IMPERATOR CT II: Multi-measuring chamber for large and small weights, hopper oiling unit, program control
  • SUPERBA KOMPAKT: Electronically controlled flour duster, flour catchment plates for additional hygiene

For all types of bread

With only two machines, high quality breads can be produced in a small place

Mixed wheat doughs

Mixed rye doughs

Rye doughs

Grain doughs

Round breads

Tin loafs

industrial bread production with SUPERBA and IMPERATOR

Bread production with the COMPACT BREAD LINE


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