Bowl tipper HK 100

Bowl tipper
HK 100

The box tipper
Bowl tipper HK 100

Soft doughs with a long dough rest are the trend, as they stand for tasty products with good salubriousness. PANE and PANE PUR dough strip lines are specialists for soft doughs with long dough resting times. The HK 100 lifts these doughs in their dough rest boxes quickly and gently and thus facilitates the infeed of the PANE and PANE PUR dough strip lines.

Advantages and benefits of the bowl tipper HK 100
Ideal for dough resting containers and doughs with long pre-proofing times

  • Automatic lifting / lowering and tipping of plastic boxes
  • Particularly suitable for doughs with long dough rest
  • Space saving construction
  • Modern safety technology ensures safe handling
  • Automatic filling level control

Automatic loading

of the PANE and PANE PUR dough strip line


Bowl tipper HK 100 capacity

Lifting capacity

60 kg



up to 40 boxes / hour

Plastic box dimensions:
600 x 400 x 320 mm

Equipment and options of the bowl tipper HK 100
For a safe daily use

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lines are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability, and the consistently high quality of all products they make.

Safety technology

  • Safety floor mat

Tower and paneling

  • Stainless steel


  • Via PANE touch panel

Safety floor mat

stops the lifting platform from being raised or lowered

Bowl tipper HK 100 safety floor mat

Service and support
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Service 4.0

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