KRONOS digital

The intelligent spiral mixer
Intelligent spiral mixer KRONOS digital - WP Kemper
  • Uniform dough quality
  • Independent of staff
  • Complete logging

Stops the mixing process at the optimal time

The KRONOS digital develops a feeling for the dough. Its implanted expert knowledge bank is based on extensive experience. It knows when to end the mixing process and always delivers identical, completely reproducible dough qualities - independently of staff training and experience. It is also extremely easy to operate. The KRONOS digital performs all tasks as soon as it is given the signal to start.

Dough quality

Independent of staff, because of self-adjusting mixer


Touch Panel

Large, clear Touch Panel for displaying the measured values


  • Modern sensor technology and measurement technology for the detection and evaluation of the dough quality

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The mixer, which independently assesses the dough and stops the mixing process at the optimum time.

  1. Dough quality:
    • Reproducible dough quality, because defined determining factors are considered
    • Adaption to unsteady raw material and environmental conditions
  2. Daily use:
    • Complete logging allows conclusions about production conditions and raw material
    • Detectability of energy intake, environmental temperature, dough temperature etc.


up to 150 kg


up to 240 kg

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  • Use as single mixer or in the KRONOS LINEAR MIXING SYSTEM



Data sheet


Optimal mixing is the key to a perfect end product

In the production of wheat and wheat mix doughs, the KRONOS digital takes over the fine tuning.

Wheat doughs

Mixed wheat doughs

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