Mixing system

The small mixing system

The AUTOMATIC TITAN is the simplest form of industrial dough production and consists of the powerful TITAN mixer combined with a bowl tipper. This system ensures optimally mixed doughs with a continuous dough quality.

Machine variants

Mixing system AUTOMATIC TITAN single spiral


Single spiral
Up to 1,200 kg dough / hour
3 batches / hour

Mixing system AUTOMATIC TITAN double spiral


Double spiral
Up to 1,600 kg dough / hour
4 batches / hour

Further variants

Our machines and lines are modular and individually adaptable to your needs. Talk to us, we would be happy to configure your project together with you.

Advantages and benefits of the mixing system AUTOMATIC TITAN
For doughs in high quality

High quality

Optimally mixed doughs in reproducible quality

Fully automatic

Fully automatic and safe dough production



High process safety through the use of a monitoring system


Robust due to strong drives and steel frame


KEMPER 3-zone mixing principle

Kemper's own 3-zone mixing principle ensures a high oxygenation and doughs that are easy to process.

Mixer KRONOS digital KEMPER 3-zone mixing principle

Mixing zone

Quick mixing of water and raw
materials as the mixing zone is
contained by the guiding bar



  • Stronger glutendevelopment
  • Dryer surface of the dough

Resting zone

  • Dough has more time to expand
  • Dough can cool down

KEMPER 3-zone mixing principle

High oxygen input and short relaxation phases during mixing ensure particularly airy and dry doughs - even with large batches.


Kemper Mixing – bowl with dough

Number of mixers


Dough capacity

up to 1,600 kg dough/hour


Cycle time

up to 15 minutes and
the dough resting time is up to 3 minutes

Equipment and options of the mixing system AUTOMATIC TITAN
The start in the automatic dough production

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lines are their high functional reliability, their excellent profitability, and the consistently high quality of all products they make.

Mixing tool and guide bar

  • Single or double spiral
  • Stainless steel
  • PT100 temperature sensor

Fork lock

  • Powerful hydraulic system holds the bowl securely

Touch panel program control

  • The mixing process can be switched off according to time, temperature, and rotations

Central lubrication

  • With reserve cartridges
  • Maintenance-free for up to 8,000 hours

Bowl and handle

  • Stainless steel
  • Drain screw

HK 200 bowl tipper

  • the industrial bowl tipper
  • With bowl scraper

Bowl transport system

  • At ground level
  • Safe run
  • Without tripping edge

Safety technology

  • Protective enclosure
  • All doors are safety-monitored


  • Multi-Phase control
  • Interface for dosing
  • Prepared for connection to a superordinate control system
  • Energy measurement
  • Bowl scraping for HK 200
  • KEMPER KEY access control

Fully automatic feeding

of the downstream head machine by the bowl transport system and the HK 200 bowl tipper.

Product variety

Thanks to the 3-zone mixing principle, the AUTOMATIC TITAN fully automatically produces high quality doughs and transfers them with the HK 200 bowl tipper to subsequent head machines.

Wheat doughs

Mixed wheat doughs

Mixed rye doughs

Service and Support
We make sure that your production lines run.


Our goal - reduce machine downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance.


Faults can build up or just happen, no matter what precautions have been taken. When they do, it is vital to initiate and implement the necessary measures as soon as possible to let your lines run again.

Service 4.0

Well planned digitalization can achieve significant performance increases, and enhance the value of machines and equipment.


The WP SERVICELINE 24 is our guaranteed connection to the WP SERVICE and outside our opening hours  to our emergency service.

Clean is important. Even cleaner is better. WP Clean Up

Extend the life of your machine with the machine cleaner WP CLEAN UP.



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