The helix mixer
Helix mixer UC PRO - WP Kemper
  • Ideal for soft doughs
  • Low dough warming
  • High oxygenation

The expert for soft doughs

The UC PRO is an exceptional helix mixer with a unique mixing principle, because the dough is pulled and overlaid, thus adding a lot of oxygen and little energy in the dough. Therefore, the UC PRO is ideal for the production of soft wheat and rye doughs and sophisticated mixing, as the doughs get more tension and volume. Its sturdy construction makes the UC PRO particularly low-maintenance and existing bowls can also be used in the new UC PRO.

Dough quality

Ideal for soft doughs


Touch Panel

Touch Panel program control with INUS user interface and the bowl also runs in opposite direction

Helix tool

Unique helix tool made from stainless steel


Multi-phase control

Multi-phase control for the mixing tool to adapt the energy input to the needs of the dough


Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

The UC PRO is a robust mixer with wheel-out bowls and unique mixing principle.

  1. Dough quality:
    • Optimal and customer-specific mixing results through infinitely variable speed of the mixing tool (multi-phase control)
    • Low dough warming
    • High oxygenation
    • Short mixing time
  2. Daily use and maintenance:
    • Easy recipe control with Touch Panel program control
    • Existing UC bowls can be used
    • Low maintenance due to the sturdy construction


80 - 120 kg


130 - 200 kg

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  • KEMPER KEY access control
  • Connection to a higher-level control system



Data sheet


For soft doughs with a lot of tension and volume

Due to the UC helix mixing principle the doughs are pulled and overlaid. Thus, long chains of gluten are built and a lot of oxygen is integrated.

Wheat doughs

Mixed wheat doughs

Mixed rye doughs

Rye doughs

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