Optimal solutions for the
industrial production of ball donuts
and ring donuts


Industrial Donut Production

Industrielle Donut Produktion

What makes the quality of
donuts and berliners?

Donuts and ball donuts are still in vouge and consumers are always searching for new flavors, fancy shapes and decors and smaller portion sizes. Although, donuts and berliners should be juicy, but not greasy, soft with a short bite and with a fine texture.





When producing ring donuts and ball donuts, the shape is important. Donuts and berliners should have a perfect round shape with a slightly curved surface.


A particularly fine crumb structure and a smooth surface characterizes the quality of donuts and ball donuts.

Fat content

The right amount of fat is crucial when it comes to freshness and taste – good if you can control the fat intake.


Turnkey process solutions
for the industrial ball donut and ring donut production

Complete donut production processes consist of coordinated components that enable efficient and continuous production of industrial baked goods. The production systems developed and installed by us are fully customized turn key solutions covering all processes from dough production through to the finished product


Ring donuts

Up to 50,000 pcs./h

Ball donuts

Up to 50,000 pcs./h

Synchronized components

We find the best solutions for our customers´ requirements and ensure that all modules are optimally networked. Our customers have only one point of contact when it comes to ring and ball donuts.


Fully automatic, coordinated process steps

Mixing, dividing, make-up, proofing, frying, cooling, decorating, freezing

Scope of supply and services

We cover everything from delivery, installation and set-up of the entire system to full service arrangements.


We look after all engineering aspects, we design and deliver customized turn-key solutions fully equipped with the latest technology and high-quality components. Almost every single element in our production lines are made up of WP Kemper products: dough production, make-up, proofing, frying and decorating. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we find the right partners for any additional modules.


Our service includes the delivery, installation and set-up of the donut line. Our training offering covers the full range of qualifications for machine operators, bakers and house technicians. In case of troubles, we are always available for you with our Serviceline 24/7.


99% Weight accuracy

Due to the Kemper Dough Ball System

Consistent high quality

From dough to the finished ring donut or ball donut

Kemper Dough Ball System

Reduces scrap dough and ensures perfectly shaped donuts and berliners

Patented donut stamp

Achieves only 8% scrap dough compared with dough strip lines

Only one point of contact

For a fully automatic line for the production of ring donuts and ball donuts


Possibilities and functions of our mixer and mixing systems


Our Kemper Dough Ball System offers a variety of production options

Do you want to produce a special kind of donut, like a very big one, a long donut or very small donuts? Or do you only have an idea for a special donut in mind and are looking for the right partner to implement it? Our Kemper Dough Ball System offers a variety of production options.


We deliver turn-key donut systems for mini and maxi products

With our MIXING SYSTEMS, SOFT STAR dough divider, EVOLUTION DONUT LINE and LARGO fryer we deliver turn-key donut systems for mini and maxi products.

Donuts auf dem Produktionsband

99% weight accuracy

Producing uniform donuts is not only a matter of shape but also of weight. With our KEMPER DOUGH BALL SYSTEM and SOFT STAR CT dough divider we create perfectly round donuts with a weight accuracy of 99%.


How smoothly our LARGO applied the products in the fat

Our LARGO fryer with transport bars and turning ramp for a smooth product turning.


Re-work dough ratio of only around 8%

The Kemper ‘Dough Ball System’ and our patented Donut Stamp (pre-pressing and stamping) work together to achieve a re-work dough ratio of only around 8% compared to other dough strip productions. This means that excessive amounts of re-work dough are avoided in fresh doughs.


Thinking about a way to produce healthier donuts?

Thinking about a way to produce healthier donuts? Our KEMPER DOUGH BALL SYSTEM leads to a nicely closed skin of the donuts that gives you the possibility to adjust the fat intake during frying


Everyone wants mini Berliners? We also offer systems for this

Mini Berliner Line with POWER ROLL automatic mixing system, SOFT STAR CT dough divider, EVOLUTION berliner line, LARGO fryer.


Filled donut - classic or vegan?

With our filling module you can give your berliners or donuts a nice extra treatment.


14 donuts in a row. That's what our LARGO is built for

Ball donut production with our LARGO fryer.

we kemper it.

Our WP DONUT is market leader for industrial donut production.
A decisive step in this success story was the takeover and further development of Reimelt frying technology.


mixing systems are optimally designed for the requirements of industrial mixing such as high process reliability combined with consistent dough quality and high performance.



WP Kemper cooler




Finishing Ball & Ring Donuts

Ring donuts, iced and sprinkled
with sugar sprinkles.

Sugaring of berliners with
powdered sugar.



Uniform frying


Best Practice

Kuchen-Peter from Austria invested in a system combination of SOFT STAR PLUS and EVOLUTION BERLINER LINE from WP Kemper to automatically process its ball donuts.



Patented donut stamp

Filling & decorating of ball donuts

Fully automatic decorating


Behind the scenes


There is again a donut line in progress in our factory

Our LARGO fryer production is busy

Inside a Berliner Line

Another donut line is growing…

LARGO fryer production in our new plant

The very early start of a donut line. So many frames…

Busy like the bees...


Our sales representative will gladly answer your questions about our ball donut and ring donut process solutions.

Quality by best process

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