Job application

Application procedure

Depending on the summer holidays, every training begins on the first of August or September of every year. Our application process starts at the beginning of the summer holidays a year before the training starts. The available apprenticeship training positions are shown on our website at that time. Close to your job application, you get an acknowledgement of receipt. If we like your application, we invite you to a job interview, so you have the chance to personally present your interests and assets.

Application paper

The easiest way for you is an application via e-mail. So you avoid expensive printing and application portfolios. Do not worry, online applications are just as welcome as printed applications. Each application must include a cover letter, a personal data sheet with a photo, the last two school reports and, if already available, the leaving certificate of your last school (for example, secondary school or commercial college).
At the online application your application documents should be sent as one PDF file.

Tips for applying

Before you write your application you should inform accurately about the company and your dream job. Only so, you can write an accurate application. Write about why you want to do the training in our company and why your dream job is just your dream job.
To avoid errors, someone should proofread. Furthermore, you should check, if all relevant documents are included.

  • Cover letter
  • Personal data sheet
  • Photo
  • School reports

Tips for the job interview

If we like your application, we are going to invite you to a job interview. You should confirm or reject this appointment early enough. Renew your knowledge about our company and about your dream job, only so you can get the right impression of our company and ask the right questions. You should be in time for the job interview, but not too early, and with clean, neat clothes. A button-down shirt or a blouse and a good jeans are good enough. You do not need to bring your application documents.

To put it in a nutshell:

  • Renew your information
  • Confirm or reject the appointment early enough
  • Punctuality
  • Clean, neat clothes
  • No application documents necessary

We are looking forward to your application!

Human Resources Department

+49 5244 402-4242

If you are interested, please send your application to:

WP Kemper GmbH
Siegfried Alteilges
Lange Straße 8-10, 33397 Rietberg

Mit der Abgabe der Bewerbung willigt der Bewerber in eine Speicherung der personenbezogenen Daten während des Bewerbungsverfahren ein. Ein Widerruf dieser Einwilligung ist jederzeit möglich.

Wir verwenden die Daten ausschließlich zum Bewerbermanagement. Soweit wir diese Leistungen für unsere Tochter- bzw. Schwestergesellschaften übernehmen, willigt der Bewerber ein, dass wir die Daten auch an die jeweilige Tochter- bzw. Schwestergesellschaft weiterleiten. Die Bewerbungsdaten vernichten wir drei Monate nach Abschluss des Bewerbungsverfahrens.