Women and technology,
is that possible?

Women and technology

Of course it`s possible! My job:
Industrial mechanic

„I am an industrial mechanic and am currently working at WP Kemper in the assembly. I became aware of this technical job through an internship that I did at WP Kemper.

The practical work in the assembly and to see the result of the work inspire me. The machines for dough production are very diverse and with its many individual parts and various functions very interesting. Working together in a team is particularly fun.

The fact that I mainly work with men does not bother me – quite the contrary, it is pleasant! The assembly of individual components are very interesting and I always learn something new.


I am also fascinated by the production of components. It is exciting to see what comes from one piece of steel and what it is used for.

The best thing about my job is that you see what you have achieved, after a short time. The test and setting of the machine during the roll and bread production, is, again and again, a real highlight.


By experience I can say that the job industrial mechanic is not only suitable for men, but also for women.

I like working as an industrial mechanic because I enjoy the manual work and it is always interesting to build our systems and machines and see how they work. What I particularly like about the training at WP Kemper is that I can work independently, but also in a team."

(was a trainee at WP Kemper from 2009 to 2012 and is now a permanent employee)


MINT-Fonds der proWirtschaftGT

Wir finden Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik (MINT) sehr spannend und beteiligen uns. Wir sind dabei!



Of course it`s possible! My internship as a schoolgirl

"Ich bin über das Projekt MINTRelation auf technische Berufe aufmerksam geworden. Dabei habe ich mich aus eigenem Interesse bei WP Kemper einteilen lassen. Bei WP Kemper habe ich viele neue Erfahrungen in Bezug auf technische Berufe gesammelt.  Besonders spannend empfand ich die Abläufe, die für die Herstellung eines Stiftehalters erforderlich waren.


Dabei haben wir anhand technischer Zeichnungen die Grundplatte und die anderen Bauteile des Stiftehalters gefertigt. Dafür mussten wir folgende Arbeitsschritte durchführen:

  • Scharfe Kanten der Bauteile entgraten
  • Bohrungen anreißen
  • Zusammenschrauben der einzelnen Bauteile

Mir hat der Tag bei WP Kemper sehr gut gefallen und gezeigt, dass technische Berufe auch etwas für Mädchen sind!"

Donut von WP Kemper
Ausbildung bei WP Kemper


WP Kemper develop and manufacture bakery equipment for bakers all over the world. As a company accredited for education, we put high emphasis on qualified job training.


Der Ausbildungsbetrieb WP Kemper

Training company

Through early involvement, the Kemper trainees are quickly able to work independently and to manage their own projects.


Azubi bei WP Kemper

As a trainee

The WP Kemper team is characterised by its helpfulness and collegiality. If you can work well in teams, then we are looking for you!


Frauen und Technik bei WP Kemper

Women and technology

Women and technology, is that possible? Sure! Verena talks about her apprenticeship at WP Kemper.


Bewerbung um eine Ausbildung bei WP Kemper

Job application

The application process starts at the beginning of the summer holidays before each training year. Here are some application tips.


Excellent apprenticeship

Newspaper articel: "The ICC-president stops at his best-practice tour at WP Kemper"