The compact fryer

In our LARGO S, we combine proven industrial design and the latest technology for exceptional baking results in the smallest of spaces. Donuts and ball donuts are fried particularly gentle and reliably with the automatic fryer. And decorating of the donuts and ball donuts can also be automated with the LARGO S. Its robust and energy-efficient design saves resources and makes the LARGO S a long-lasting partner for your deep-frying production.

Machine variants

Fryer LARGO S with 23 transport baskets

LARGO S with 23 baskets

Up to 2,300 pcs./h
(at 100 seconds baking time)
23 baskets
Up to 10 rows
1,100 mm working width

Fryer LARGO S with 27 transport baskets

LARGO S with 27 baskets

Up to 2,500 pcs./h
(at 100 seconds baking time)
27 baskets
Up to 10 rows
1,100 mm working width

Further variants

Our machines and lines are modular and individually adaptable to your needs. Talk to us, we would be happy to configure your project together with you.

Advantages and benefits of the automatic fryer LARGO S
For a reliable production


Higher performance due to cloth charging of the dough pieces and subsequent automatic jam filling module


Double-walled insulation in the pan floor and wall reduces heat radiation


Easy to clean because of an elevating frying system and a flat pan base with cleaning outlet



Automated run ensures consistent product quality


Gentle on the frying oil thanks to an exact, even temperature distribution


Reliable and durable thanks to a robust industrial design



Less employment of staff


For shape-retaining and voluminous ball donuts

Our steam hood supports the moisture retention in the dough pieces at the beginning of the baking process


WP Donut capacity

pieces / hour

Up to 2,300 pieces / hour at 360 sec. baking time and 23 baskets


pieces / hour

Up to 2,500 pieces / hour at 360 sec. baking time and 27 baskets

Equipment and options of the automatic fryer LARGO S
For high quality donuts and donuts

We develop and build all our production lines and machines completely in our own company. The decisive performance features of our lins are their high functional reliability, their excellent proftability and the consistently high quality of all products they make.

product infeed

  • Height-adjustable infeed conveyor and therefore adaptable to product shape and size
  • Gentle tipping or swimming

Transport baskets and turning stations

  • Continuous transport baskets for small, medium and large products
  • The dough pieces are fixed in the running direction and are gently guided
  • Continuous, gentle transport and smooth oil level
  • Up to 3 turning stations freely selectable and switchable


  • Clear touch panel
  • Control and programming of process parameters for consistent product quality


  • Double wall insulation in the pan floor and wall
  • Hardly any heat radiation, thus significantly reducing the risk of injury
  • High energy saving

Heating rods

  • Directly under the transport baskets for a direct and even heat transfer
  • Precise temperature control thanks to the multi-heating zone system with up to 9 independently controllable heating circuits

Oil management

  • Automatic fat level monitoring using a capacitive altimeter


  • Mobile cloth charging system for manual feeding of the products
  • Steam hood to ensure the development of the shape at the beginning of the baking process for elastic Berliners
  • Insulated oil storage tank heated by a heat exchanger
  • Mobile fat filter system with 2-chamber system and its own inlet and outlet circuit. The filtration takes place during production.
  • Jam filling module with ultrasonic high and low level control for side filling of the products. Individual rows can be blocked off.
  • Movable sugar pan for the outfeed belt behind the filling module
  • Depositing station as an attachment for curd balls, french crullers and cake donuts

Automated processes simplify your daily work

As the jam filling module ensures that the donuts are filled quickly and evenly. And if there is no product, it will not be filled. That saves jam.


Product variety

Yeast doughs, cake doughs and local specialties can all be fried with the LARGO S. The gentle product processing with baskets ensures even baking.


Ball donuts

Mini donuts

Mini ball donuts

Curd balls

Long donuts

Cake Donuts

Local specialities

Service and support
We make sure that your production lines run.


Our goal - reduce machine downtime and make them predictable through proactive maintenance.


Faults can build up or just happen, no matter what precautions have been taken. When they do, it is vital to initiate and implement the necessary measures as soon as possible to let your lines run again.

Service 4.0

Well planned digitalization can achieve significant performance increases, and enhance the value of machines and equipment.


The WP SERVICELINE 24 is our guaranteed connection to the WP SERVICE and outside our opening hours  to our emergency service.

Clean is important. Even cleaner is better. WP Clean Up

Extend the life of your machine with the machine cleaner WP CLEAN UP.



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