Kemper CleanTec

Kemper CleanTec


Large quantities of food are produced in bakeries every day, therefore creating a large amount of dirt. Substances such as flour, fat and water create the typical dirt that accumulates, above all, in production lines.

Hygiene standards can only be guaranteed through correct, thorough and regular cleaning. In addition to maintenance and professional operation of bakery machines regular hygiene also contributes to a long operational life span. Cleaning time means time that the machine cannot be used for manufacturing. Cleaning must not only be thoroughly and regularly, but above all be optimised for time.

Avoid dirt

Kemper CleanTec starts where dirt can be avoided, before it can build-up: smooth, angled surfaces with the Titan Mixer, dirt-repellent conveyor belts in the Quadro RelaxS Roll Line or the separation of dough contact and non-contact modules. The use of plastic hoppers on all WP Kemper production lines reduces the amount of dough that sticks on the inside of the hopper.

Recognise dirt

If the dirt is unavoidable, solutions such as transparent EMKA doors in Evolution Roll Line or access to all four sides of the dough divider Imperator are used to make potential contamination visible and easily accessible for cleaning.

Remove dirt

The Easy CaP (Clean and Push) lower frame on the Quadro RelaxS Roll Line is made mobile for optimal cleaning, even with water. The tiltable hopper of the Bread Divider V100 or the removable pistons and chamber systems with many other WP Kemper lines, make cleaning simple thorough and in optimised time.

Kemper CleanTec as a comprehensive approach

Dirt is part of the whole process in the production of bakery goods, so - even when it comes to hygiene - a comprehensive approach, in accordance with think process, is necessary and useful for a high quality standards.
From the planning of the buildings and infrastructure through to dough processing, or choosing the right detergent up to logistics, WP Kemper provides a comprehensive approach with qualified partners.

CleanTec helps to make your production more hygienic, your processes more efficient and therefore to improve the quality of your products.


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