Investment in research and development improve our service and the production of our customers.

Service 4.0

Forward-looking service

It is about sensing new customer requirements and following up on them - allowing us to provide our customers on an on-going basis with new impulses that help them thrive in their markets.


3D Printing: Individual solutions

Individually manufactured tools, such as stamping tools, make it possible to produce products with a Point of Difference.

Condition monitoring systems

Condition monitoring systems are deployed all across the production line to increase machine uptimes by carrying out load-based, proactive maintenance

3D Printing. Parts on demand

Spare parts – especially less common parts – can be produced and made available at short notice.

Sensor-based productivity evaluation

Innovative sensor technology such as ViCONTROL for quality optimization and documentation and for productivity analysis.

Digital service manuals

Service manuals for fault analysis and troubleshooting are stored digitally and event-controlled in our intelligent machine solutions.

Support via HMI

Machines are equipped with graphically interactive cleaning and maintenance support via HMI.

Augmented reality support

Augmented reality tools are integrated to support experts (from the factory) when carrying out maintenance and repair work.

Data analysis for process optimization

Data analysis for process optimization of an entire production line is cloud-based and supported by powerful database tools.