Kemper Key

Kemper Key –
Your production in safe hands

Many mistakes can be made when operating production lines. But who made them? What was changed? Why was a password given to an unauthorised person? The lack of transparency with the operating history makes an analysis of operating errors and steps to avoid them, difficult or even impossible.

Secure production

The automatic Kemper Key System is option for the control system on WP Kemper Roll Lines and makes your production more secure.

Clear accountability

Each operator is assigned to a key with specific rights and a clear identification. It can be determined exactly which parameters may be adjusted. If there is a stop in production, it can be traced exactly and therefore avoided in the future. With this, access can be clearly traced.

Optimising the production

Experience has shown that the system availability may increase by up to 15%, the rejection rate can be reduced by up to 25%.


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