Helix mixer UC PRO
Helix mixer UC PRO

Helix mixer UC PRO

The helix mixer

The UC PRO is an exceptional helix mixer with a unique mixing principle. According to this, the dough is stretched and folded. This leads to a high oxygenation and low energy input. Therefore, the UC PRO is perfect for mixing soft wheat and rye doughs, as the doughs get more stickiness and volume. Its robust design make the UC PRO a low maintenance mixer. Existing UC bowl carriages can be used in the UC PRO.

  • KEMPER KEY access control
  • Connection to a higher-level control system

  • Customer-specific mixing results due to an infinitely adjustable tool rotational speed
  • Low dough warming
  • High oxygenation
  • Short mixing times
  • Easy recipe control
  • Low-maintenance due to the sturdy construction
  • Unique helix tool
  • Existing UC bowls can be used

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