Divider and rounder SOFT STAR CT

Divider and rounder SOFT STAR CT

The fast dough dividing and moulding machine for rolls

The dough dividing- and moulding machine Soft Star CTi produces particularly efficient dough balls with extremely high quality and weight accuracy. It is optimally adapted for processing doughs with extremely high dough absorption and dough rest. The maintenance of the machine is facilitated due to the separation of the dough processing area and the drive area, as well as through the modular design of the machine.

Simple handling through good ergonomics, optimal accessibility, easy-to-exchange interchange parts and a graphical user interface complete the profile of the SoftStar CTi. The hygienic design provides good accessibility to all dough contacting components. Thus, dough residues can be removed quickly and completely.

  • Blocking device
  • Additional outer moulding drum
  • Correction device on the spreading belt
  • Multi-Measuring Drum for an additional weight range

  • High weight accuracy
  • Optimal roundmoulding through longer moulding distance and adjustable moulding revolutions
  • Particular gentle production of dough balls by means of a special process of dough charging, conveying and processing
  • By using long-lasting drives and the robust design, the SoftStar CT is specifically designed for the use in multi-shift operation
  • Frame made from stainless steel
  • Closed, patented flour duster with screw drive; filled peripheral
  • Separation of the dough processing area and the drive area enables an optimal access for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Hygienic design:
    - Large hinged door at the dough processing area
    - High ground clearance
    - Intermediate hopper removable
    - Charging piston removable
    - Dough chamber swivel-mounted
    - Tiltable mouthpiece
    - Measuring drum easily accessible

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