Mixing system Titan Industry Solutions - Linear System

Titan Industry Solutions - Linear System

The Flexible Mixing System

The flexibility of the Titan Industry Solutions Linear System enables the production of various types of dough with variable dough resting times to make individual adjustments.

  • Portioning hopper
  • Conveyor belt to transport the dough batch
  • Multi-Phase-Control (included for Titan 400 DS)
  • CO2-cooling
  • Interface for dosing
  • Energy measurement
  • Bowl scraping device for the lifter to ensure a clean transfer to the intermediate hopper
  • Dough-catchment plate
  • Bowl cleaning station


  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed wheat dough
  • Mixed rye dough


  • 1,200 - 6,400 kg dough/h. (2,650 - 14,100 lb)
  • Dough resting time up to 90 min.

  • Fully automatic dough production
  • Open, also during production accessible, design without protective fence (optional)
  • Bearings, drives and hydraulic systems are monitored permanently
  • System expandable
  • Consistent dough quality
  • Flexible dough resting time
  • Parallel production of two different types of dough

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