Dough strip line PANE PUR
Dough strip line PANE PUR
Dough strip line PANE PUR


The dough strip line for square rolls and breads

Highest Quality for your Bread and Roll Production

Soft, pre-proofed doughs stand for pure bread enjoyment, as they ensure natural flavors and great freshness. With the PANE PUR, a dough strip line for small bread, wheat soft dough bread and artisan rolls, these doughs receive a special treatment - to maintain an open crumbed structure.

Weight Accuracy

Precision and efficiency are important points in the bread and roll production. Therefor the PANE PUR has been equipped with the ACCURATOR 2.0. During continuous operation, sensitive weighing technology continually records the the weight of the dough strip, which is then cut according to the preset weight. Dividing and the production of the dough strip are of course done without scrap dough.

  • Kemper CleanTec
  • INUS Control
  • Kemper Key

Product example

  • Various roller knives
  • Stamping station
  • Various, individual stamping tools
  • Work table for make up by hand
  • Excess flour brush for the work table
  • Seeding station
  • Reciprocating belt
  • Box tipper or bowl tipper PANE PUR
  • KEMPER KEY access control


Processing of wheat and rye doughs: Mediterranean bread like

  • Ciabatta
  • Wheat soft dough bread
  • Baguette
  • Small bread
  • Artisan rolls like: square, triangle shaped, diamond shaped…


  • 25 - 1,500 g (0.06 - 3.3 lb/1-5 rows)
  • 75 - 3,000 g (0.17 - 6.6 lb/1 - 2 rows)
  • 800 kg dough / h (1,760 lb)
  • Dough absorption: high dough absorption (over standard competitive processes) and pre-proofed doughs

  • Gentle dividing and maintenance of an open crumbed structure
  • High weight accuracy by the ACCURATOR 2.0
  • Use of flour instead of oil prevents from oil inclusions and provides a better structure of the surface
  • Intuitive and safe operation due to the INUS operating interface
  • Easy cleaning thank to the CLEAN TEC design

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