Roll line PRIMO

Roll line

The compact roll line
Roll line PRIMO
  • Small footprint
  • Robust design
  • Precisely processed products

The compact roll line

The PRIMO is ideal for the start of the industrial production of soft buns and rolls, but it is just as robust as the EVOLUTION roll line. The compact, pre-configured roll lines are ideal for the use in 2- or 3-shift operations.

Product quality

Precise processing by upstream alignment stations


SOFT STAR dividing and moulding machine

For doughs with a high dough absorption and long bowl proofing time

Combined stamping and cutting module

Stamping and cutting module

Combined stamping and cutting module with cups - stamping module for stamping and cutting of dough pieces

Longmoulding station with upper belt

Longmoulding station

With upper belt inclusive alignment station

Reciprocating module AB II

Reciprocating module AB II

For automatic depositing on baking trays or proofing trays. The depositing pattern is program dependent


Performance, maximum benefits and modular options

As powerful as the EVOLUTION, but as compact as a small roll line. The PRIMO roll line combines the best of both worlds.

  1. Product quality:

    • High weight accuracy and particularly gentle to the dough thanks to the SOFT STAR and TEWIMAT head machines

  2. Performance:

    • Compact roll line with a small footprint
    • Large variety of stamping patterns through exchangeable stamping tools

  3. Daily use and maintenance:

    • Longevity by sturdy, low-maintenance modules

  4. Cleaning:

    • Hygiene standards are easy to maintain due to interchangeable tray inserts and large hinge mounted doors

Weight range:

28 - 110 g

Hourly capacity:

8,000 - 14,000 pieces

Working width:

800 mm (6 rows)


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  • Heater
  • Steam generator system
  • UV sterilization
  • Individual stamping tools
  • Pinning and curling longmoulding module
  • Seeding module
  • Reciprocating module

Data sheet




For exactly processed rolls

Upstream alignment stations and high quality workmanship ensure exactly processed rolls.

Roundmoulded rolls


Stamped rolls

Flat pressed rolls

Hamburger buns

Kaiser rolls

Slit rolls

Longmoulded rolls

Pain au Laits

Sandwiches / Finger rolls

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