Dough strip line

The small dough strip line for round
and square rolls and baguette
Dough strip line MINI QUADRO ROUND
  • Artisan product quality
  • Ease of use
  • Large product variety

The squaring of the circle

Do you understand the squaring of the circle? Neither do we, but our MINI QUADRO ROUND does. Make your ideas for new products a reality. The MINI QUADRO ROUND offers a wide range of products in a compact design and can be extended with various modules to a fully automatic mini line.

Artisan roll

Product quality

Artisan, reproducible quality of rolls

Roller knife

Roller knife

Roller knife to cover a defined weight range

Moulding drum

Moulding drum for the roundmoulding station to cover a defined weight range

moulding drum for roundmoulding station

Maximum benefits and modular options

Artisan quality on a small footprint. With the MINI QUADRO ROUND, you can produce round and square products in one system and thus increase your range of products.

  1. Daily use:

    • Easy operation and high production safety due to WP Kemper INUS operation interface
    • Flexible due to short setup time
    • Expandable to a fully automatic mini line

  2. Product variety:

    • Production of round and square pieces in one line

Weight range:

Square dough pieces: 30 - 1,000 g
Round dough pieces: 30 - 140 g

Hourly capacity:

Up to 4,000 pieces

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  • Stamping station
  • Various, individual stamping tools
  • Sheeting and curling longmoulding module
  • Longmoulding module
  • Seeding module with revolving plate and double moistening
  • Automatic seeding module
  • Reciprocating module

Data sheet




For artisan rolls

Thanks to the gentle process, the delicate crumb structure is retained, for an artisan character of the rolls

Triangle rolls

Diamond-shaped rolls

Ciabatta rolls

Artisan rolls

Stamped rolls


Long dough pieces

Ciabatta breads

Production of square, seeded rolls with the MINI QUADRO ROUND

Production of round rolls with the MINI QUADRO ROUND


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