22.07.2013WP Kemper

WP Kemper “Dough Weeks”

July, August and September are dedicated to the world of dough. During the “Dough Weeks”, individual workshops will address several issues such as optimally coordinated mixing, how bakeries can make the best use of their mixing plant’s capacities, and how mixers can respond to individual doughs.

The WP Kemper mixer models SP, President and Titan will be demonstrated in Live Baking sessions. Participants can test various technologies and compare single and double spiral mixers or a mixer with an L-shaped dough hook with a bread mixer.

WP’s master bakers are at hand to help customers with the handling of difficult dough with both guidance and resources. Furthermore, the Baking Center is a place where participants can discuss special issues with each other or with the specialists from WP.

Apart from mixing workshops, the WP Kemper Baking Center will also offer
individual visits and seminars
on other topics.