New space for growth

More customers and more visitors – WP Haton has successfully grown in the past years. The corporate building was now adapted to the changed circumstances. For the old factory building, this meant a true metamorphosis.

WP Haton headquarters have been in Panningen since 1963. The location is ideal: only 25 kilometers from the Dutch-German border near Venlo, and with excellent connections to motorways, airports and the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. But other than the location, conditions inside the building were far from ideal: there was the urgent need for departments such as KAM (Key Account Managers), PAM (Project Account Managers) and SAM (Service Account Managers) to cooperate more closely, as well as for an improved connection to the experience hall were the many visitors are received.

In collaboration with an architect, an innovative office concept was developed, with “new way of working” leading the way. The focus was on purposeful grouping of customer-oriented departments, and centralization within the building.

The design can convince with openness, light and transparency. A glass tower projects above one part of the building, and serves as conference center and social meeting place. From many workplaces, the employees have a good view of the beautiful atrium. The new saw-tooth roof – parallel arranged shed roofs with glazed vertical surfaces – allows plenty of natural light into the high center hall. Relocation will take place as scheduled at the end of March 2018. But one thing is already certain: the new space is a gain for WP Haton, and offers both the company and its employees the possibility of continued and successful growth in the future.