Project Solutions Ball Donut Line

Project Solutions "Donut Line"

For up to 50,000 Donuts per hour.
Weight range: 17 – 70 g / 0.6 - 2.5 oz

Donut Systems offer the following advantages:

  • Highest dough quality: Thanks to the proven 3-Zone Mixing Principle, doughs are optimally processed
  • Less scrap dough: The Kemper Donut is produced with only 8%  scrap dough
  • Perfect round shape: Donuts are made from round pieces
  • Flexibility: Various products (Donuts, rolls and Ball Donuts (Berliner)), weights and volumes can be produced with only one machine.
  • Precise temperature control: Multi-Heating Zone System allows the independent control of the heating zones
  • Coordinated and fully automatic process steps

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