Mixing system Titan Industry Solutions - Automatic Titan

Titan Industry Solutions - Automatic Titan

The Automatic Dough Production

The Automatic Titan is the basic type of the industrial dough production. This system ensures optimal mixed doughs at a constant dough quality.

  • Multi-Phase-Control (included for Titan 400 DS)
  • CO2-cooling
  • Interface for dosing
  • Energy measurement
  • Bowl scraping device for the lifter to ensure a clean transfer to the intermediate hopper


  • Wheat dough
  • Mixed-wheat dough
  • Mixed-rye dough


  • 720 - 1,600 kg dough/h. (1,600 - 3,550 lb)
  • Dough resting time up to 3 min.

  • Open, accessible design
  • Rugged by means of a strong drive and steel frame
  • Consistent dough quality
  • Easy processing of scrap dough
  • Optimally mixed doughs

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