Industrial donut production: WP Kemper donut fryer LARGO
Industrial donut production: WP Kemper donut fryer LARGO
Industrial donut production: WP Kemper donut fryer LARGO


The Industry-Fryer

Largo is a industrial fryer with automatic feeding straight from the proofer in various sizes, that is adjustable to your requirements. The fried products can be transferred directly to cooling stations.

Through the use of a heat exchanging device the efficient use of different heating systems (natural gas, oil, steam, LPG) is possible. Largo fryer can be expanded with various modules and can be integrated in a complete production line.

  • Extension to an automatic production line by Kemper Mixing Systems and Evolution Donut & Berliner Line
  • Oil-level sensors
  • Frying oil management incl. Storage tank and oil filter
  • Suction hood
  • Fire extinguisher using foam or water mist
  • Heating system with thermal oil/frying oil heat exchanger or electrical
  • Ring-Donut or Berliner/ Ball-Donut filling station with various filling needles
  • Container for filling medium (jam, cream, nougat), if necessary with pump station and container pressure sensors
  • Shaping unit for curd balls, cake donuts and french crullers
  • Icing sugar station
  • Other weights / capacity on request


  • Berliner /Ball-Donuts
  • Donuts / Ring-Donuts
  • Long Donuts
  • Curd Balls
  • French Cruller
  • Cake Donuts


  • 43 - 83 trays/bars
  • 4,000 - 30,000 pcs./h. (Ring-Donuts / Berliner / Ball-Donuts)
  • Weight range 17 - 100 g (0.6 - 3.5 lb)
  • Working width: 1,100 mm (43.3"), 1,540 mm (60.6")

  • Energy-efficient by using different heating systems and pan insulation
  • Easy, quick cleaning of the pan by means of a transport frame that can be lifted  and less sedimentation
  • Consistency in product quality
  • Automatic feeding system with height-adjustable infeed belt
  • Gentle and consistent frying
  • Optimal product turning
  • Great flexibility in the production of various products

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