Fully automatic frying process: WP Kemper donut fryer LARGO S


The fryer

LARGO S is a fryer with a fully automatic frying process. Due to the industrial design it is particularly robust and reliable, thus frying up to 2,500 dough pieces is easily possible.

  • Steam hood
  • Cloth charging system
  • Insulated frying oil container
  • Mobile oil filtration
  • Jam filling module
  • Mobile sugar pan
  • Depositing unit


  • Berliner / ball donuts
  • Donuts
  • Curd balls
  • Local specialties


  • Up to 10 rows
  • 23 or 27 baskets
  • Max. 2,500 pcs./h at 360 sec. Baking time (27 baskets
  • Max. 2,300 pcs./h at 360 sec. baking time (23 baskets)

Easy cleaning:

  • The entire product transport, including the heating rods is lifted
  • Large ground clearance underneath the fryer

High energy efficiency:

  • Insulation in the bottom and side of the pan
  • Precise temperature control by the Multi-Heating Zone-Principle with up to nine, independently adjustable heating circles

Industrial design:

  • Fryer designed for 3-shift operation
  • Automatic oil level control

High product quality:

  • Steam hood for supple Berliner / ball donuts with an optimal product shape and volume
  • Continuous, gentle transport of the products with transport baskets

Product example

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