13.08.2012WP Kemper

WP Kemper takes over Fryer business of Zeppelin-Reimelt

Effective August 1st, 2012 the renowned supplier of mixing systems and roll lines took over the Fryer business of the company Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH from Rödermark. Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH is the market leader in the fryer-plant production and belongs to the Zeppelin group.

„In the context of our successful international sales in the range of Donut lines it was the logical next step to integrate the subsequent process step into our product range“, says Adrian van Dillen, managing director of WP Kemper.

Jürgen Horstmann, owner of the WP BAKERYGROUP adds: “Our WP-slogan is Think Process, because a successful production is only possible if all process steps are perfectly matched -and that is what we offer our customers." 

In the future, Zeppelin Reimelt fully focuses on system solutions in the field of high-quality bulk goods and liquids and in continuous mixing. 

The Know How was already transfered from Zeppelin Reimelt to Kemper. All relevant employees were taken over by Kemper, thus a smooth changeover is guaranteed. 

Distribution and Service is carried on through the WP BAKERYGROUP sales and service network.