"Michelangelo of pizza" enthralled exhibition visitors

Gabriele Bonci, one of the finest pizza bakers in Italy enthralled the audience on the exhibition stand of WP for one day, with his bread and pizza creations.

In Italy and America Gabriele Bonci is known as "Michelangelo della Pizza".
He has baked his imaginative creations for more than ten years at Pizzarium, his famous business in Rome, and shares his knowledge in TV cooking shows.

In addition to pizzas, Gabriele Bonci has a second passion: bread. He proved it at the bakery on the WP exhibition stand. From organic flour and natural sour dough, he produced a variety of tasty and visually appealing specialities.

The master baker also trusts the oven technology of WP in his daily work.
In his own bakery, established in October last year in the center of Rome, he bakes bread, varieties of pizza and pastry products in the WP Matador deck oven and has people queuing up.

(From right to left) the Italian Master baker Gabriele Bonci together with WP master baker Thomas Hesse and Antonia Lamuraglia of WP Italy.

A bread speciality from sour dough baked by Gabriele Bonci