Internorga 2013

Versatile technology for highly varied baking production

Machines and systems with which bakers can make a special variety of products - that is the main focus of the WP BAKERYGROUP at this year’s Internorga. Visitors to the WP-stand will get an insight into the many possibilities (Hall B6, Booth 520) during the live Baking. The new innovations will also be shown under the motto "Discover the WP treasures", that show the improvements in energy efficiency, the quality of baked products and hygiene.

BakingQuality: One machine, many products
A good example exhibited at the Internorga is the Dough Strip Machine Quadro RelaxS. It enables bakers to bake a varied range of rolls from rustic and triangular rolls, through stamped rolls, to Ciabatta bread.

BakingQuality: The Internorga innovation for lighter doughs
WP Kemper offers a new product for craft bakeries that produce high-quality goods: A spiral mixer especially designed for mixing dryer lighter doughs. The new craft mixer can be seen - in action - on the Bäko booth and on the WP booth.

GreenEnergy: The energy saving ovens for shop baking
The new energy saving shop oven from WP Bakery Technologies will provide a visual surprise at Internorga! In addition to this it will also impresses with its outstanding software, WP Intelligent Energy Control, which stops energy being wasted and also improved the baking result.

GreenEnergy: ICE stops energy being wasted
The new WP Control Intelligent Energy (ICE) will be seen in operation for the first time. This new innovation which is integrated into the controls of the Rototherm oven base efficiency, minimizes the energy waste of by itself. This reduces energy consumption significantly, e.g. that the oven switches to standby mode and the burner, resp. heating, switches of to a defined holding temperature, after reaching a predetermined idling period.

CleanTec: Modular Roll Lines with hygienic cup frames
Retrofitting instead of buying new is the new concept of the proven Selecta series, which will be in operation at the WP Stand. Your high-quality basis module is diverse expandable so that, for example, bakeries that are about to expand their product assortment can adapt their existing system quickly and cheaply. One hygienic innovation is the Hygiene Cup Frames. Fitted with a bayonet it allows the stamping cups to be removed easily and cleaned dry, wet or even in the dishwasher.

CleanTec: Renowned bread divider with new hygienic construction
The 3rd generation of the legendary dough divider Imperator, which was introduced for the first time at the IBA last year, can also be seen at the Internorga. The combination with the Superba Compact round and longmoulder shows that, through clever mechanical design, achieving maximum hygiene in the bakery is quite simple. The label CleanTec, one of the WP four seals of quality, distinguishes the machine for its hygienic design.

GreenEnergy: Competent energy consultancy for bakeries
The new business division, WP Green, combines the skills of efficient energy use and baking technology. This know-how results in individual energy concepts for large and small bakeries that show the energy-intensive processes of this craft and how to save electricity, gas, fuel oil and therefore costs.

At a glance: The new WP seal of quality
CleanTec, GreenEnergy, SmartControl and the BakingQuality are the WP BAKERYGROUP seals of quality. Unveiled at IBA 2012, they show the individual quality principles of the group. Only machines, systems and concepts that meet the criteria will be awarded with the labels. CleanTec stands for high hygiene, GreenEnergy for minimal energy consumption with maximum efficiency, SmartControl for simple, standardized controls and BakingQuality for baking with special quality.

Exhibition booth at the Internorga 2013
The exhibition booth of the WP BAKERYGROUP is in Hall B6, Stand 520.

Dough Strip Machine Quadro RelaxS

Rototherm bake efficency