Great interest in innovations

The interest of the customers was high and the quality of discussions was great, is the conclusion of WP BAKERYGROUP on this year's Internorga in Hamburg. The innovations - the spiral mixer SP 75 Premium Edition, the dough divider B 300 and the energy-saving IEC software in the Rototherm - as well as the WP exhibition stand, in green for the first time, were received with great interest by the audience.

The internationally oriented WP Group exhibiting at 18 other shows this year, made use of the Internorga again as a good platform for communication. "A good dialogue and an exchange on technical matters between bakers and our counterparts from the manufacturing plants is especially important to us. We were very pleased with this", said Ansgar von Garrel, head of marketing at WP BAKERYGROUP.

The WP Spiral mixer SP 75 in the new Premium Edition attracted great attention. It is equipped with a temperature sensor in the guide bar of the mixer. This is the most accurate form of measuring the temperature, as it is measured inside the dough and not, as in other systems, on the dough surface. In addition, the Premium Edition mixer of WP Kemper is equipped with a more powerful motor, approx. 3 kW stronger. The best results can be achieved with this, even with demanding wheat doughs, as they can be mixed longer in both mixing speeds due to the higher motor capacity.

The Internorga special edition of the dough divider B 300 was also another highlight. The machine from the bread specialist WP Haton, especially configured for the German market, processes pure wheat dough just as well as mixed doughs and rye dough, firm dough for pizza or soft dough for baguette.

The rack oven Rototherm REC 1020 was in operation for the first time with its new Software WP Intelligent Energy Control (IEC). IEC works on the principle: Save energy where it is being wasted! In the baking phases full energy is always used for a high baking quality. In the pauses between baking , where energy is often wasted to a high degree, it can be saved easily with IEC. For this bakers choose an individual waiting time, in which the oven keeps the set temperature, then it automatically powers down to a predetermined dwell temperature and switches off the heater, burner and the lighting. For example, a rack oven which is unused for half an hour, the wasted energy can be reduced up to 25 % due to IEC in comparison to an oven, working without IEC.
IEC was also presented at the Internorga in the in-store ovens Matador Store, Torero Store and Superior from WP Food Technologies from Dinkelsbühl. In the energy-intensive in-store baking segment savings of 20 to 40% can be achieved with IEC.

One particularly successful example of an in-store oven that expressively emphasizes the interior design, could be viewed in constant operation at the exhibition stand of WP cooperation partners Berner Ladenbau. There it was shown how the latest baking technology integrates perfectly into the pleasant feel-good atmosphere of the exhibition stand with the Matador WP Store History Edition. The shop oven as History Edition, in nostalgia-white design, follows in the tradition of the white-enamelled Matadors, that enjoyed cult status in the 1950's in the baking industry

A WP Matador-Store was in constant use on the exhibition stand of Ireks, the leading manufacturer of baking ingredients and also WP Partners. The exhibition visitors could taste a variety of creative baked goods from the Ireks product range and taste the good quality, which was baked with a WP Matador Store.

Video Internorga 2013

The exhibition stand of the WP BAKERYGROUP at the Internorga 2013 in Hamburg.

The In-store oven WP Matador Store History Edition in a traditional oriented facility interior.