12.05.2016WP Kemper

Snacks: Customers love variety

For the small appetite or as a full meal: customers love to dig into snacks. The more diverse the better. Because an increasing number of consumers opts for greater choice and excellent quality. And they are willing to pay more for it. With the PANE, you produce a varied range or products – very simple and with real added value for you!

Round, square, stamped or heart-shaped, as ciabatta, mini baguette or Krusti, lusciously garnished or nicely presented, the variety of snacks knows no limits with the PANE. Because the 2-way system processes countless round and square products alike.

Your benefit: Quick and flexible
Maximum product variety on a single system. Comfortably achieved with the PANE, without costly conversions or settings when changing products.

Your benefit: Maximum quality
High-quality, rustic products are trendy and can be sold at a better price. Thanks to its S-shaped roller frame, the PANE achieves optimum results with dough that requires long resting times.

Your benefit: Individually finished

Distinguish yourself from your competitors with a unique range of products. The module range of the PANE and various stamping and cutting tools will make your products one of a kind.

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the PANE's

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