06.07.2016WP Kemper

Kronos: The perfect solution

The new KRONOS is available in two series. They are both noted for their many advantages. Regardless what model you choose, you will get a mixer that exactly meets your demands.

  • Optimal mixing
    The KRONOS turns both large and small amounts of dough into fluffy, dry dough. The proven 3-zone mixing principle makes it possible.
  • One for all
    Whether KRONOS, TITAN or PRESIDENT: all WP Kemper mixers feature the same type of tub. So that you can easily exchange the tubs, which is quite handy!
  • High-quality build
    Tongs, feet, flour dust guard, mixing tool and tub trolley are made of stainless steel as standard. It's stable and lasts forever!
  • Clean in the twinkling of an eye
    Smooth surfaces, high ground clearance: the KRONOS can be perfectly cleaned in no time. And it is easy to maintain. This saves you time and money.

Would you like to see the benefits of the KRONOS for yourself? Then put the new mixer generation to the test at our baking center or make an appointment for a test in your bakehouse.

Spiral Mixer KRONOS