Climate-friendly bread

Lamm bakery in Bielefeld is using the waste heat of its WP oven- and refrigeration technology for heating. The advantage: This clever technology renders baking climate-friendly and reduces energy costs. The Chamber of Trade and the Association of Craftsmen of the East Westphalia (OWL) district awarded the Future Award Crafts for this “masterly energy efficiency”.

The Bielefeld Lamm bakery has six branch stores for which 30 types of bread alone need to be baked every day. Owner Karsten Lamm wanted to reduce the immense power consumption deploying state-of-the-art technology. And with the new design of the bakehouse he was very successful in doing so.

The two WP MATADOR deck ovens and the ROTOTHERM rack oven are true energy savers. But even more is possible! WP Green experts developed a customized energy-saving concept for Lamm bakery. The outcome: Only a quarter of the heating demand needs to be covered by gas. The rest is contributed by waste heat from the ovens and cooling systems. Water for the heating systems of common areas and office space is thus heated by a heat exchanger.

In terms of heat store, WP Green relies on a patented solution: the OSKAR stratified storage tank from Ratiotherm. It accumulates generated energy above all during main production times and releases it at exactly the right temperature when it is needed later in the day. This is made possible by the overall WP Green concept that includes and incorporates all sources of waste heat and supplies them to the consumers in an optimal manner.

It pays off! Students at Bielefeld Technical College have calculated that it will only take five years to amortize the additional expenditure of energy-efficient technology.
The entire overall costs will thus be redeemed in less than 8 years, without any funding in this case.  Every day, energy costs of Lamm bakery are now significantly lower than without the use of waste heat.

Why don't you start saving – by using the energy contained in your bakehouse. Simply give us a call and our WP Green specialists will advise you individually and without any obligation.